Garnier Ultra blends with royal jelly and lavender

Hello beautiful ladies
It is such a wonderful day today. I talked to my elder sister and had so much discussions about like everything and felt so happy and content. She has guided me at every stage of my life. Every person of my family have affected by life in a very positive manner and I am very thankful to them about that, and she is like sunshine of my life. 
Talking about sunshine well right now I am sitting beside my flat window, the sunlight from the outside is giving me apt amount of warmth that I need at this moment while I am writing this post.

 Sometimes I also think of writing some different kind of posts on my blog along with reviews of the beauty products that I usually do, like the one named as 'talking your heart out', 'What I feel today', 'what I am doing right now' kind of posts. What do you think, will you all like that?
You can tell me about that on blog, facebook or twitter. Anywhere you like it.

So that as lot of talking for today, now, I am going talk about Garnier Ultra Blends shampoo and conditioner. The one I am going to review is in variant anti hairfall with royal jelly and shampoo.
I picked this up without thinking much just as randomly as possible. My previous bottle of wella shampoo got empty and I immediately wanted a new bottle. And honestly I did not want to spend like 1000 bucks on buying wella shampoo and conditioner again, though wella is fantastic and I could not find any replacement of the product until now, but this time wished to go easy on my pocket. So this is how I got this. Do you liked the story behind my purchase?
Let’s just now quickly move on to the product. The shampoo and conditioner smells good. 'Good' is just the right term to explain the smell. This particular variant comes in a golden bottle with brown caps. Pretty decent packaging and all the labels and graphics, designs are quite simple.

The shampoo and condition are paraben free, so that is a big pro for us all. This shampoo and conditioner are very affordable. You are not going to get out of budget. So yes this is a big thing for me. It is just rs.120 for 175 ml (Shampoo) and rs.170 for 175 ml (conditioner). Isn't that great.

The shampoo takes out extra oils and dirt from you hair very efficiently. After shampooing I followed it up with conditioner. The conditioner is great. It spreads out very smoothly over the hair. A small amount is also enough to cover a large portion of your hair. Then I just left it for 1 to 2 minutes and that's it. My hair felt soft and refreshed. I did not experienced any dry hair, although i must share that I always oil my hair before and after the hair wash apply a good serum to them. So yes that as it.

As for the hairfall,if it has reduced that as it claims to reduce that just after the first was , I am not quite sure about that. i have used it only two times till now and yes my hair do feel healthy and shiny but as for I still get few strands of hair on the comb. That may be because this winter season. It is normal to have few strands on the comb. So I think it is slowly working on that too.

I hope you liked the review and found it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. I would love to read them.