Winter Foot Care Regime

Winters are finally here and my skin is getting pretty much dry. Yes, I have a dry skin. For people like me the companies out there make super moisturizing creams and lotions and I am extremely thankful to them, otherwise I cannot imagine how skin would have survived in these winter days. In summers it is Ok but during winters my skin does asks for some extra care. Plus my skin is a combination of dry and sensitive. A little bit of something causes scratches and rashes. I got such a kind of skin from my dear dad. Yes it runs in genes you can say but not from my mother side. My mom have super soft, smooth and sensitive skin. I always tell her that why didn’t I get your kind of skin. My elder sister is blessed with the same though.

Talking about the scratches and rashes you can see in the picture to come some marks of my previous scratches and rashes. I tried many things but they still persist. The major contributor my foot marks is my visit to Kerala, there Trivandrum specifically I would say. I visited many beaches over there and realized it later that got some scratches on my feet. I thought they would go with time but I don’t know what was there in the waters or maybe it was sand these marks still persists. They have lightened though over the time.

So today I am going to show you all how I am currently taking care of my feet. So below you see all the things you will be needing if you wish to follow my kind of foot care routine. So here are the steps:

1.      First of all you need to scrub your feet. So scrub scrub scrub. I have used the body shop sugar scrub for my feet here.(Review of the same is here)

2.      Use a nice foot file to get rid of the dead skin. Just be gentle and file those dead cells away. I have used Oriflame Sweden foot file.

3.      Wash your feet with a lukewarm water and dry them with towel. Apply a good moisturizing foot cream after that. Oriflame’s foot cream (full name) is just great to purchase if you are looking to get one for you. The avocado extracts works very well in making your skin soft and smooth. This cream is super moisturizing. The cream looks in the moisturizer and make your feet look hydrated and nourished for a long time.

4.      Now if you wish to finish the entire regime you can just shape your nails and apply your favorite coat of nail paint. For those who wish to know what I am using then it Oriflame’s vey nail paint in color pearly pink.

So that was it my winter foot care regime. I hope you liked and find it useful. Do let me know what all moisturizes are you guys using these days so that I can also try them.
Waiting to read some names. See you guys in the next post.