MAYBELLINE The Blushed Nudes eye shadow palette review

Hello Loves
It’s is super chilly here in Gurgaon. My brother and I are thinking on what to have for dinner. Within all those wavering thoughts of making dinner or ordering it, we finally decided on having vegetable noodles and vegetable roll as our dinner which he has gone to pick up from the Chinese food corner and while he comes I decided on doing a blogpost for you guys. So the product that I am going to review is by Maybelline that their ‘the blushed nudes’ eye shadow palette.
I love buying eye shadows and eye colors a lot. Although I don’t use eye makeup regularly even though such palettes always take heart away with them and finally I end up buying these. So this is how I ultimate have quite a few of them now and out them many colors still are untouched by me hehehehe……I am a makeup collector.

So that is it. Talking of Maybelline, I have always fallen for this brand from my teens and uptil now as well when I am in my 20s and that is amazing you know. They have so many products and that also in so much affordable prices. Their all ranges offer their customers quality products.
The palette is all pink, what more I can say. The material is all plastic with the transparent see though colors.

Here it is now the baked nudes eye shadow palette. This palette has 12 colors. All these colors are basically the pastel tones. The first row of palette has all pinks and peaches in pastel tones with a white highlighter as well while the second row colors are more of greys or I would say some earthy minerally shades. 

The pigmentation is good. One has to swipe over the colors multiple times to take a decent amount of product on the applicator for nice application. Its not just you just take single swipe on the color and you get the right amount of product on the applicator. That is why I said that the pigmentation is good and not so great.
See the swatches below.

Well overall I just loved this palette. The colors and shades are the spotlight for this palette. They are not chalky. So that’s good with just the right amount of glitter in them, so they are just great. You can do so many of the themed looks like the Cinderella look or the snow princess look. This kind of cute you know and the palette has a decent price of about 6 to 7 hundred (I don’t remember exactly).
I do do recommend you all to buy it you are dying to add some pastels and nude eye colors to your collection. See you all in my next post.