ORIFLAME ESSENTIALS Cold and Fairness Cream Review

Hello Pretty ladies!!!
How are you all? What are your resolutions for this year ? For me it will be working more and more in order to achieve inner satisfaction. Sounds kind of heavy,isn't it? But this what it is. Since this is the month of January and the weather is super chilly here in India. The degrees are falling every passing day and my skin texture being dry demands extra care from my side. So this time I invested in some creams that I am going to review here in the blog post. They are called oriflame essentials cold cream and 5 in one fairness cream.

What Oriflame has to say about the creams:

*With olive oil for nourished and protected skin
*Intense moisturisation and conditioning
*Leaves skin soft and glowing
*Prevents skin from winter dryness

Ligthens, hydrates, nurtures,protects and smoothens your skin with 5 vitamins and mulbery extract.

My Verdict:
Both these creams come in 75g white colored containers. The fairness cream have a baby pink colored screw top while the other one is blue in color. The overall packaging is average. However, if the product inside works great then packaging actually doesn't matter.
Talking about the texture of the creams first. The cold cream has quite a thick texture while the fainess cream's textue is on a lighter side. The cold cream is super moistuirizing and nourishing.I think it is beacuse of the olive oil content that it has in it.  It does gives a little bit of shine to the face. This phenomenon I think is very usual with the cold creams, well I don't mind it until my skin remains soft and supple. For the one's with dry skin one time application works fine and the one's whose skin goes super dry in winters like me may like to apply it after like 7-8 hours.

Coming to the 5 in one fairness cream,I would say I am not big fan of fairness creams. I got this because these were on offer and I kind of didn't mind buying it. I don't know why people are so crazy about fairness creams. I personally think being in your skin works great every time for me. Following a regular routine of cleanizing, scrubing, toning automatically makes your skin look healthy. I think we should work on that rather than depending on fairness creams to do miracles overnight.

I hope you all liked the review and find it useful. If any one of you is looking for ultra moistuising cream for this dry weather then yes this cold cream by oriflame is good to go. I would stongly recommend you all to buy their cold cream for this season and it is just inside your budget so no toubles.
Talk to you guys in my next post.


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