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Hello my internet friends
How are you all doing? Well today’s post will be an ‘outfit of the day’ post. Yeaahhh… I am doing that after a while you know. I am feeling super excited about it.
So first of all I must introduce you all to this really great site that is called This online store has like everything from dresses, skirts, outerwear, winter wear, tops, accessories, clothing in plus size and even men’s wear. This is whole lot of stuff, and that is not it within all these categories you again have lot of variety to chose from like the florals, glitters, classics and basics, strips, velvet revival and list goes on and on.
They have gorgeous collection. Nowadays you may find internet with plethora of websites for clothing, accessories, footwear and all other stuff and it becomes very difficult for we as a customers to decide from which online store we shall get our products from. Plus there is always an apprehension when we order something from a new and global website like these, like will we get our products on time, will the stuff be good, do they have a customer friendly return policy or not or what if I get partial delivery only. Yes that happens with every one of us when we go online to shop. That is why my dear readers, I and other bloggers are here to help you decide on which sites should you rely and on which not to. Though, the products are sponsored but that doesn’t I am going to say all the good things about it them. I speak good things only when they are actually nice. And this is what fashionmia is all about.

I got my package very well within the specified time. My package came through DHL, and DHL literally called me to ensure me the safe delivery of my package.
The day I got my package I was so happy that I literally danced and as Priyanka Chopra says in her speech while accepting the second people’s choice award, I wanna wiggle a bit.
I got a bit of a lot of things of which few I am going to be showing in this post and the rest in my next post.
So the packaging of my clothes was very nicely done. Each piece was separately put in fashion mia stamped zip up pouch. That kept each of my pieces safe and fine till it reached me.    
So in the following image I am wearing grey with arm printed sweatshirt.

 It is very warm piece since in the inside it all fleece material that really keeps one warm this season. I adore the print that it has on upper arm area that makes this normal looking sweatshirt so trendy and instyle. It’s so vogue you know.

Hey and don’t forget that hoodie guys. That’s super cute.

Next is this black top that I got from, I really liked the all this lace detailing on the arms and below on the top. The lace is quite big and bold that makes me look super quite in it.

Then I got this piece here which I am in completely in love with. That is this bodysuit dress. Fashionmia, if you guys are reading all this then only I have to say is that I love love and love this piece here. 

It fits me so well and I think you will all call this a self-appreciation but yes this made me look sexy. Yes that is the word. 

This is so amazing, so corporately active look. Its amazing and I can’t just stop smiling after I wore it. I felt so comfortable and didn’t have to care about carrying the dress at all besides looking ravishingly beautiful (my friends used that for me).

Lastly is this green colored overcoat is what I got from this online store. It's  frock style coat and really loved the uniqueness of this coat. The peal brooch on its left also gives it a nice touch, classic to be more precised. Then there is a black colored belt with it. The best part of this belt is that it just covers the joining of the upper body and the lower frock style of the coat.

The issue that concerned me was that after few ours this belt started feeling little heavy to me so finally I removed it while I was in office. I kept the coat on, the entire day and that is why it may have concerned me. If you wear it just for few like travelling between office and home then it would be fine plus I didn't liked the color of the coat much. It appears little dull to me.

Saying that I hope you liked the post and enjoyed reading it and guys stay tuned since more is coming on the blog.