Freeman's Dead sea minerals anti-stress Mask review

I always love pampering my skin. I believe face masks are the best things that we humans have created. They are like food to the skin. With markets flooded with so many kinds and types of masks it becomes difficult for us to decide which one to use. There are many claiming to give you nourished skin or the one claiming to provide fairness and all other things that one usually sees on the advertisements and on the product itself, all this puts us under even more perplexity.
Clay mask, mud mask, peel off mask, paper mask, thermo pack are some of the examples that we see in the markets. However, whatever may be the case be we have to get one’s that is actually effective.
I personally am a big fan of clay/Mud masks. Well both of these are technically the same. I have researched several times to find a difference between the two but have not found any distinctive difference between the two.

Multani mitti (called the fullers earth) was my first encounter to such kind of masks. I have used it for the first time in my high school. That time I really liked the way it just dried slowly on the face and one can feels the tightness as it dries. My face often felt refreshed after applying it. This when I started loving such things on my face. At that time there were no so much of clutter of face masks in the markets as it is today. There were very few options. For young girls multani mitti was the best option.

Time changed so does the choices of the girls. But my love for the mud mask have always remained the same. Even now when a see some product called mud mask I am like in awe and strongly wish to buy it.
One such love is for Freeman’s dead sea minerals clay mask that I recently got from a 99store at Patiala. I have gone to meet my sister and one evening we went out on our small little shopping spree and this is one of the products that I have got. I must tell you all that I am a big fan of freeman as well. There is story behind it as well, but I wont tell you this one in this post because otherwise the post will become huge.

So initially I was confused whether I should buy the avocado variant or this one. Because I have already used the avocado one and have loved it. So finally fighting by juggling thoughts I got this one and its usage says I was right.

This clay mask is all blue, and yes literally blue from the packaging to the product inside the tube. The product smell gorgeous. Love love love the fragrance. A lot of perfumed fragrance unlike the avocado one.
Once I applied it on my face I was looking all zombie like and I kind of liked it. Wont you find that thing weord like I liking my zombie look and to my coincidence that night when I applied it on my face I was in my blue night suit of exactly the same color as the mask. Do you see what I am telling you guys here like an all blue girl.

Talking about the effect this was pretty much amazing. It dries in about 15 min and as it claims to clean your pores and so it does also. Its brightens as well and since it makes your pore size small, the one thing I always look forward to in mask, it combats acne. Hurray….yeaahhh.
I bought it for 400INR that is about $6 to $7 and I think it’s worth every penny.

Well this one definitely  needs to be bought. I LOVE FREEMAN.