Little Gold Dress body Lotion by Avon

Hello my social media family
Two months of 2017 are already down and here comes the March. In India the month of March means to say bye to those chilly winter days of January and  welcome sun kissed months. However the skin still needs a good amount of moisturization especially when you have skin like me and that is dry. So this time I invested in Avon little gold dress body lotion to give the required moisturization. This little dress collection by Avon has always been my favorite. As I recall I when I was in school my mother used to get me the little black dress talcum powder and I would love its fragrance. I however never had a chance to get its EDT. Little black dress went on for quite a long time till they launched little gold and little red dress.

So this time as an adult I am all in love this little gold dress by Avon in body lotion.

This body lotion comes in this all gold tube variant with black cap and black detailing on the tube. You all ,my friends, here all know my liking for gold and silver. So you would obviously know that I liked the product packaging.

The product inside this tube is white in color. The texture and consistency of the cream is quite good and rich. The cream is smells awesome like literally awesome. It smells like perfume and the fragrance also stays for long. If one layer it with its EDT, definitely it will stay all day. I use the cream immediately after shower for my legs and arms mostly. It keeps my skin well- nourished and moisturized all day and I didn’t feel the need to reapply it any day.
This product works great for me.

Guys you know I don’t what is going on my now days I am having my hands on some great products only. This has helped to save a lot of money on the products which I might have not liked. I think it must luck and my research that is allowing me to buy good products only and not the bad ones.
Saying that if you guys wish to buy a good body lotion, then you can surely this one.

See you guys in my next post.