Good morning sunshines
Today I am going to a different kind of post. It’s not a product review, nor review neither is this a DIY post. I will tag it under lifestyle genre. Yes you read that right. In my post I am going to share with my day routine like how my day starts and ends and everything about it. My weekends and week days are quite different. Since I am a working software engineer, so sometimes my weekends are also like weekdays.  Sometimes everything goes so busy that managing things become quite difficult. This happens with all of us. You are not alone girl. Well at office my project is at that time of the year, when things are on little lighter side, as for my work is concerned, that usually donot happen. Whatever may be the case be, I always try to keep my blog as updated as possible. Because blog is my first love and me as software engineer is my second. Heheheheh

So these days, my day starts at 6 in the morning. That when my alarm starts ringing. At that time putting aside all my lazy thoughts I just get out of the bed. Then I open the windows of my flat so that I can just let the fresh air into the apartment. Then combing my hair a bit, I stand in the balcony for a while. That is the best and most peaceful time in the entire day.

Spending there some 10 minutes I rush to the bathroom to do all my things and finally after taking shower I get all dressed up for the office. Then before making my hair I just go to the kitchen and make my lunch. I usually make my lunch with me to the office because I think that homemade food is best and nothing can replace it. On some days, when I get late then I skip making the lunch and usually have it at the office only. But I try that these days are very less in number.

Then I go to my bedroom and make my hair, do my daily routine makeup, not the heavy one just the lighter version of the day makeup. I usually use those products that stays on for my 9 to 6 routine and I don’t have to do lot of touch ups because being a software engineer I don’t have to do touch ups in the office. However when I have do make sure to do the touch ups because girls I like beauty, makeup and fashion. Sometimes I just pair and style my next day clothes in advance like a night before so that I can save sometime in the morning.

Then I quickly have my breakfast that is usually bread butter or jam, milk and cornflakes, a bowl of fruits and sometime its chapatti and dish that I pack for my lunch I also have it as the breakfast when there is nothing else in the house. Yes then I head to my office.
At office all that usual work that most of you might not me interested in reading so I will just skip that part and then at 6 or sometimes it gets later than that, I head back for the home.

When I come home……..well I will not talk about it in this particular post. There is going to be part 2 of the article so wait a bit for my evening routine/schedule.
I hope you liked this genre of the post on the blog. Do tell me in the comments below and I will see you guys in the part 2.