Happy summer my blog readers
Summers are finally here in Delhi NCR. It’s just few days past of April and I can feel the heat. Last week of March was no less. The sun was shining very brightly, draining much of my body when go out for work. Inside the office you don’t feel it but yes outside you can feel all that heat in the environment. Also I have been disturbed by the fact that this year the temperature has been at least 6 degrees more than what it was in the past five years. This news concerns me a bit. Now I realize all those concepts of global warming that I have been all reading about in my school days, I now am experiencing it for a while. So guys do take a protective measure for yourselves to beat the heat as well do a bit for the betterment of the Mother Nature. Saying all that lets move todays post. I am a doing a tutorial today or what we usually say Do it yourself Post.

Here in my post I am going to showing you some ways in which you can some element of color to your empty looking walls of the room.
I have shifted to this new apartment that basically has three rooms and this one is the one that I have chosen for my study cum work things. So I wanted to spice it up with some decorations and this what I came up with. Well I get very inspired by motivational, funny at the same time some strong quotes and this what I am going to do here. I will show how to make this beautiful paper handicrafts that immediately add lot of color to the room. I preferred doing the room with this DIY decoration instead of buying some readymade decoration for the fact that I love craft and its super easy to make well within your budget and you can create so many of them. I feel some items in the markets are overly prized and so I decided to gets my own hands dirty. Well I have talked so much let’s start with the steps.

Some colored papers – I got mine from amazon
Washi tape
Colored pens / Sketch pens/ Markers
Pencil and eraser

STEPS for the DIY:
1)Select a paper of your choice (you can have your color preferences) and then use a washi tape for covering all the four edges of the paper. You can a frame effect by this way. I love washi tapes because they come in so many pretty and beautiful patterns and everything looks so gorgeous without much doing much of the effort.

2) After that you just have to select some quotes that you personally like and you wish them to be hung in your room for this season.
You can google them as well and if there is a little writer inside you then go girl get that writer out of you and customize your quotes, write anything that like and want always to look at it whenever you enter your room.

3) Take out your colored sketch pens and color them. You can use different colors of paper for making this quote calendar or can use using colored paper if you want to look more symmetrical and if you are like me likes to play with different colors just be brave to use them.

Glue on these quotes on the wall and here you are done with this cute little wall decor.

I hope you liked it do give it a thumbs on goggle plus and share as much as you can. If you have anything like this do link the urls in the comments below I would definitely go through them.
Stay happy till then.