Hello my beautiful readers
I am feeling red today. Yes, RED is the color of the season and I am so obsessed with it. You know I am so in love with this color that I had my laptop just because it was red. I had to buy a new laptop for myself. For all this long all, the laptops that I have been using were gifted to me by my brother but this time I had to get it with my own money plus my previous one had got some technical glitch.

There was no use of  getting it repaired because the mechanic did not gave any assurance after approval so finally my brother and I decided to buy me a new one and I got the Dell Inspiron 11 3162 laptop and i am in all love with it and when you ll see the pictures here you are gonna like it too.

Besides this I am also gushing over this ruby pink color of Oriflame pure color nail polish. The color is so rich and gives your nails a rich look. Two coats of nail polish are just prefect to get that glossy classic look. Your hands also look more fairer.

 I have always liked anushka sharma's choice of nail colors. Whenever she visits any reality shows or even some brand events all of you must have a look at her hands. They look so perfect, those glossy rich nails I am so bowled at those. So if you like that and wish that kind of look then this color is just apt.

And then you can just pop it up some glitters and crusties. As this nail polish very me crusti nail art from Oriflame again does a great job. It adds an element to the basic color plus also keep the nail color on for a longer time by keeping intact.

Well for me red the color of the season, is it for you too?? Do tell me in the comments below.