Oriflame's Giordini Gold CC Cream Review

Are you a BB cream or CC cream user or even if you are not this post is definitely going to interest you. If you are a regular or non-regular or even non user at all, after going through this you are either going to switch your current product or are going to start using it. I  can assure you that.
Giordini gold by oriflamme have always had my vote. Products from this line are so luxurious and classy. This range of the Oriflame costs your pocket more than the other ranges, but they are worth it. The product that I am reviewing here on my blog today is from this range is their CC cream. So I am going talk about its merits and demerits based upon the following points.

Packaging: Black and gold are the colors of class and luxury. And this what the tube cover is, while the tube itself comes in skin color with all the details over it written in gold. This color of the tube is exactly the same as the shade of the CC cream inside it. It is a nozzle tube with tiny hole to correctly control the flow of the product. The packaging material used is quite sturdy, so I give it 5 on 5 for packaging.

Amount to be taken: You need to take pea sized amount of the CC cream and that would be enough to cover your entire face. Yes this spreads a lot. The product is very smooth on the skin, glides like silk.
Coverage: Gives a lot of coverage girls, a lot of. Coverage just like a foundation but not at all heavy like a foundation. One pea sized amount is just fine to cover all your dark spots. For darker spots you can use a second layer as well, but that is completely optional.

Price: Its 999 INR saying that the product is completely worth every penny you are spending on it. Plus the quality that you are getting in here, one won’t mind spending this much. Plus since it spreads so much it will last long so it’s a win win kind of investment that you are making here. 
Final Finish: After the application you get a matte finish. Does not oils out your face. Using a face powder is completely optional. It gives a high definition (HD) appearance. Imperfections are completely hidden out and you get a Japenese/ Korean smooth skin.

Glow: You will see a remarkable difference in before and after look. You can see the magic it does just in few minutes after its application. The shade of this CC cream is correct for my skin tone, it compliments my skin and gives me a bright glowing face. I gave it to my elder sister who is 2 shades fairer than me. But she said that it suits me better. For those who want to know my skin color is in between fair and wheatish. So do keep in mind your skin color before purchasing. It is available in Indian Oriflame catalogues in this very shade that I am showing you here at the blog. Gives me a very natural and smooth look like I haven’t applied anything on my face and it looks like it’s my natural spotless skin when someone sees.

I hope you liked the post I found it useful. It really an amazing product. You can even get great discounts on the product in the oriflamme catalogue. So keep checking it out at oriflame.co.in