THE ONE Vinyl Gels by Oriflame

Hello beautiful ladies
I am all obsessed with BAHUBALI. My Indian readers will be knowing what I am talking about. It is an amazing movie and I personally wish that it receives an Oscar. Mr. Rajamouli, Anushka Shetty and Prabhas you have done great job. Such movies are made just once in a lifetime.
Coming to the product that I would be talking today on the blog is vinyl gels by Oriflame in their collection THE ONE. It is their newest product that have been launched this month by oriflame. I am telling you guys you are going to love the fact that they have come with some unique shades this time. This time it’s not all red. Though I am a red fan but who does not likes the variety. It is this time in their vinyl gels.

So have a first look at these THE ONE vinyl gels. These gels come in seven colors that are:
Tangerine Tango

Malibu Blush

Pink Mambo

Hot Flamingo

Purple Rumba

Magnetic Magenta

Sunset Burst

PACKAGING AND TEXTURE: The packaging is lovely. These are average sized sticks with wonderful wand that spreads the product very cleanly on the lips. The lip gel spreads smoothly over the lips. These are hybrid of lip color and lip gloss. They can be little sticky at first and then it becomes ok a bit later. It stays on 4 to 5 hours and then you may need application but the color don’t get ripped off entirely. These don’t dry off your lips after you remove them after a long day as it is mine usually at work, so for that I give at big applause.

All these are very different from each other. Tangerine Tango is peachish orange shade. It works great with Indian skin tones. I have always avoided orange lip colors even though they have been very famous and in trend some time ago. In those times as well I was like no no to the color. Though I can carry like literally anything gracefully but I had my issues of not using the color, like it did not satisfied me or didn’t worked the way I wanted on the face. But this tangerine tango has removed all my inhibitions of using something orange and specifically this particular shade. This one is my favorite of all the colors.

You guys might have seen dulce candy’s video tutorial on how she does her makeup with colorpop’s nectar palette to create that orangish red look. This color is exactly that kind. I am linking here her final look so that you can get an idea.

Those who don’t have check it out on her channel on youtube.

EXCLUSIVE SHADE Purple Rumba: Most interesting color is the purple Rumba. It an electric purple color. Very rich and pigmented. One more thing color looks completely different when you click a picture of it and in actual. It looks more violet once clicked and so looks more beautiful. This color gets the title of ‘Magical color’ from me.
One more thing all these shades are so pretty that each of them make me look completely different. Like in sunset burst gives me a ‘a go bold look’, magnetic magenta ‘cute girl look’, Tangerine Tango ‘Dulce candy look’ while purple Rambo ‘sassy’. And all this feels so wonderful.

FINAL TAKE: There are so many products out there in market and it becomes so much difficult to choose. You all might think that why you should get it while there are other option available. Well to that I would say that they are vinyl gels first in the market and secondly the colors are very different and unique to oriflame only and that makes this one of its kind. So definitely you should check them out.

I hope you liked the article and found it useful. I have also attached the swatches so that can do thorough analyses before getting the right shade for you. Do tell me your thoughts in the comments below, would really appreciate them.