TRESemme botanique conditioner: Review

Hello Beautiful peeps
How are you all? Have you all got your sunscreens on because this sun is definitely going to be taxing on your skin specially if you live in Delhi NCR. Summers are very hot indeed.
First things first. It has been more than a year since the last time I got my hair rebonded and now I have new growth coming. My hair is wavy naturally and not too much curly so the rebonded hair actually kind of merge in it and don't look odd. I know people who have super curly hair and when they for rebonding and when the new hair jut comes you can visibly see the difference and sometimes they have to go for regular touch ups for evening out the hair texture.

That is quite stressful for hair quality as well. This is because your putting lot of chemicals to the hair that too in the short intervals of time. But thank god that wasn't the case with. Saying that I have been searching for a good conditons to keep my tresses under control so this is what I got myself from amazon TRESemmme botanique conditioner. I must confess to you guys that I am first time TRESemme user. Yes that is true. This brand has been present in the Indian markets for quite a while now even though I don't know why I did not got a chance of using it. Though my mom and brother uses its older variants but I never have used it before.
So this is what I have to say about this newly launched product here.

WHAT THE PRODUCT SAYS ABOUT ITSELF: This conditioner has ginseng and neem in it. It says to have no dyes and parabens in it.

Their philosophy:
From our origins in salon in 1948, TRESemme has been driven by simple truth; every women deserves to look and feel fabulous, like they have just stepped out of the salon. The expert selection range has been specially formulated with advanced technology. Selected by our top stylists, the products deliver salon quality results, giving you power to be expert of your own style.

Why use TRESemme botanique detox and restore system: Detox way to stunning, healthy looking hair with every wash. Our experts crafted system, gently purifies hair from daily residue build up without parabens and dyes. Formula with our botanical blend of ginseng and neem , help nourish weak and damaged cuticles reviving hair and restore manageability. It safe for color treated hair as well.

I got this product just by the first look that says detox and restore. The word detox just took my heart and I instantly put it in my shopping bag. see I have always wanted a shampoo and conditioner that clean by hair from the scalp and that take off all the residue build up from my hair. I have watched many youtube videos of international beauty bloggers that say to have use a detox shampoo and conditioner once in two weeks to get rid off all that build up. I have been searching for such an item ever since. There were many but never had to chance to buy them plus they were costly. and when tresemme  offered me the same things that I was looking for and that also at affordable and reasonable price, that is 204INR for 190 ml, I think most of the shampoos and conditioners are this much in price, so I got it without having any second thoughts.
This conditioner comes in a white colored bottle with black cap with the details o it written in hreen, yellow and black. The company has smartly used the green colored to attract it cstomers to its botanical theme. Its shampoo variant is all dark green and looks even more gorgeous than the conditioner.

The conditioner smells good indeed very good. Its not any floral perfumery fragrance nor the Ayurvedic fragrance. It is perfect mixture of the tropical rainforest fragrance with a particular smell, I think that must be ginseng. I don't know because I have never used a product before that have ginseng in it. I cannot smell the bitterness of neem though. That is a good thing though.
This conditioner spreads evenly through your hair. the consistency of the product good enough and its not at all flowy. Leave it on the hair for five to ten minutes and then wash it off. My hair felt soft immediately after rinsing. It definitely helped in cleaning off my scalp, the build up as well. So my purpose of buying it  got resolved to extend. It is a great thing that its parabens free and is all natural. Paraben is bad for the hair, so thank god ths conditioner id free of that.
Besides all this this conditioner doesn't added extra shine or nourishment to the hair. The overall effect in the matter of shine was OK as far as my hair is concerned. My hair gets super dry in hair. I think I need to do sessions of a good hair mask in between as well along with it.
So that is all.
So the product's claim of being detoxicator is well lived upto but as for the shine and nourishment I have my doubts.

RATINGS: 3.8/5
I hope you all liked the review and find it useful. I know when a new product is launched in the market we all have our apprehensions about shall we invest in it or not. Is it worth my money? So I think this review pretty much answers all your questions here and  will see you all in my next post.