LAKME lip love - lip care in blackcurrant

What are you all doing for your lips this summer season? Are you actually doing something or just thinking that you will do but end up doing nothing. Well if that is the case then girls buck up and come out of your lazy attitude towards your lips. Yes I am telling you this because lips are the most sensitive area of your face. Have you realized that get affected whenever the season changes. And at this point of time when summers are on they definitely deserve the care. Saying that I am going to review one such lip product from Lakme called lip love in variant blackcurrant.

Lip love is basically a lip balm product from Lakme that comes in different variants and many of you might have seen it online as well. I got mine form amazon at 20 rupees off at Rs. 180 and while I was tracking my package on amazon I realized that it got even cheaper by 10 rupees. So I was kind of heart broken. But I somehow fixed my heart again and tracked my order that day. So what I mean is that you can get it anywhere between 170 to 200 INR that is great because most of the good quality lip balms have started coming in this price range only and yes of course there is no upper limit to the prices.

Earlier to this lip balm I have always chosen variants like cherry, raspberry, watermelon, grapefruit etc. You know the red and pink ones in different brands but this time I purchased my first blackcurrant variant though this time also I had the option of getting the red one from Lakme.
This lip love comes in purplish violet body and transparent plastic cover.  The product inside that is the stick is also purple with a white circle inside. What does the company says about this white circle is that it’s the source of moisturization and I wonder what does this purple portion does then. That white portion maybe the one which have extra nourishment contents in it. May be.

I love the fragrance. You can smell the same odor that one can sense in the blackcurrant ice cream so yes it’s the blackcurrant in there. I am making this comparison because black current ice cream is the closest relation that I have to black current before buying this lip love by Lakme. You can say this is my way of confirming that yes that there is blackcurrant in there.
The stick moves swiftly on the lips though it does not gives my lips any color, purple in this case but does give them a lot glossy look that is not red i.e. unlike my pervious lip balms. Overall it’s a transparent on the lip but gives them required moisturization.

Overall it’s a good product. Provides good amount of moisture and nourishment to your lips in the dry weather. The product does need reapplication for making it stay long. But if you are looking for something tinted and with color then you may avoid getting it. But for the love of Lakme I and many like will surely buy it.

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