A part Of My Life

Hello Beautiful blog readers
How you all? So for those who would like to know my current status, I am writing this article while I am in a Bus from Delhi to my home town. It was a hectic day at work. I was expecting little of load today but it was exactly the opposite at office. I had to leave office an hour early as I had to catch the bus. My senior is very kind when it is the matter of going home. So he just reduced my burden and just gave me a hint that I can leave an hour early. Thank you sir for that. I really respect him a lot. He has a very versatile personality. He can be tough sometimes and really nice at times. So coming to where I am now.
This post is not going to be any makeup or beauty review but a more kind of lifestyle post. I hope you will like it.

As my first class leaves the Delhi bus stand (ISBT), I experienced mixed feelings. I am extremely happy that I am going back after one and half month and I have all sorts of plans when I reach there. My sister will be there as well. And I am pretty excited about that. I hope to go shopping with her and my mom, and this time maybe dad will also accompany us and that would be great. I hope so because he never goes and makes all kind of lame excuses he can. Daddy if you are reading this, that we want to tell you we are very well aware of all your excuses and tricks to avoid that 3 to 4 hour tiring event, shopping is what we girls call it. Hahahha....So yeah I was saying mixed cause I am super excited plus as I was seeing people out from my bus window, the public you know, like every kind. At railway stations and bus stands you come across every kind of person that belongs to every strata of the society, economically and socially speaking.

I felt so blessed sitting in this bus and not ordinary one. It’s not only just that. That moment made me realize that I have so much to thank to god and my gods on this earth and that's my parents I am referring to here. Yes they are gods. They have given me everything and raised me so well that I can be what I am today, independent, working woman, and person with a wide and positive outlook. They taught me to live a valued life, work hard till achieve your goal (well that part comes specifically from my mother) and never ever let anyone deteriorate your confidence level. This I learnt however bit hard way. One thing I am still trying on is never be afraid of anything, I do get scared and that happens most of the time. I have to learn that from my mother again. She is very brave, I would say 5% more than my daddy.

It happened with me last year that I was not satisfied with what I was doing, work wise, and I am still not but the worst part was that I kept my confidence levels low this past one year. But time passed and I changed and came back to my previous form, the bold and brave one. I have been a very strong woman as my family says and this is what gives me more power to never settle for less. I am still working on to achieve something big you know. Most of us when we are in our early 20s have the same thought process, i think so and this is what is currently going on. But what I have realized through this time and while sitting in this bus that be happy with whatever you have so for achieved, enjoy and a moment of satisfaction and after celebrating that get ready for the next goal. Never let your inner hunger be satiated by something small. Trick through this journey of Life is be patient, happy, disciplined and respectful to your parents. Never lose focus. Nothing in this world can beat intellect and education. Money will flow don’t worry about that.

LIFE is HARDWORK I have learnt that lesson. Nothing is easy but hard work, commitment and family can make everything easy just like that.

I hope you liked the post and the talking, do let me in the comments below. Would love to hear from you as well. So let’s just have chitchat about life.

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