Bye Bye shower gels

It is such a relief as July almost comes to end. Two  months of this hot summer season finally come to end. But wait that is not all there are few months still left of humid and hot weather here in India. Swimming and cold showers are my way of escaping from this hot weather. So if you are taking such showers then you must definitley invest in some extremely good smelling shower gels or soaps.

 A goood fragranced bath rejuvenates you. You feel so much energetic and fresh you have a good scented bath.

I have experimented a lot with the shower gels but this time I tried experimenting with different soaps. So the ones I got were whether good smelling or had some anti bacterial properties.


I got these five soaps for me this time. This is quite a lot of soaps. I don't know in how much time will they be used and when will the time come when I have to do the re stocking. By that time I think summers will be all gone.

Plus I hope no new fragrance comes in the market else I would have to give in to my shopaholic self and still buy more of them even before I actually need them.

So here is the List of five soaps:

1. LIRIL Lime Rush : I got this becuse it had lemon in it and lemon is so refreshing for this summer season. Lemon have anti odour properties plus I liked the fragrance of this soap. It is so refreshing.
It costed 50INR

2. Oriflame nature secrets soap: It has anti bacterial properties with neem extract. Self explanatory.
Its is priced 99INR but you can get it for less when there is discount in the catalogue.

3. Oriflame nature secrets soap: It has rose in it. Rose have soothing properties plus I like the fragrance of rose. 99INR

4. LUX: This again has rose and milk extracts in and so I got.

5. Oriflame nature secrets soap: with energising mint and raspberry in it. This one is my favorite for obvious reasons. I love berries and it has one of them in it. So I am gonna use it first of all.

So my readers so if you all are running low on the soap stocks so that consider these options as well. Because they are great and I am sure you will love them as well.

Please tell if you find the post useful in the comments below. Till my next post.....bye bye...tata


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