KORUS ESSENTIALS - Essential oils: Set of 6

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Finally weekend is here and I am feeling so happy. Although I love working and so also like those five days of the week but weekend is special especially because these two days are different with respect your routine. Your day to night routine changes a bit on weekends when you can just relax and pamper yourself either by having good clay mask on your face and Epsom salt warm water for your aching feet or you can cook some delicious food for yourselves. You know what I mean. So it’s a break from regular food and work routine. Coming to the article that I have decided to write today is about essential oils.

I have been always a fan of going the natural way for enhancing your beauty. Whether its skincare, hair or body care I have always preferred mixing 2 or 3 all natural ingredients and then putting them on rather than just going out buy some face or body product and just put it on. No matter how natural the products claim to be at least some of the chemical preservatives are always added in them and that is necessary for them to increase their shelf lives. While LUSH’s fresh masks are an exception of course.

This is the reason I always have love for clay, oat mask and honey sugar scrubs. I have not used essential oils so often in my homemade products and this is the first time I got serious about them and so I got a set of this six essential oils and they are from korus essentials. I just randomly picked up these from amazon without doing any research on which company’s is good for the oils. Also it was one of my luckiest days because I got it at one great deal.

These essential oils are priced about 3000 to 4000 INR on amazon india and I got them only at 699INR. Isn’t that fantastic. I have always heard that people get great deals at amazon but this purchase have proven their claim. I didn’t realized this until I was tracking my order on amazon when I just clicked on the product again the very next day and saw it priced at 4000 INR.

Well I am very happy about saving my hard earned money. In this post I will be sharing how this kit look like and what all is there in it along with sizes in which these essential oils come.
The packaging of these korus essentials oils is amazing. The cardboard cover is sturdy. These are 15ml glass bottles with a special stopper at their mouth which helps the oil to come out of it in drops. So you can just add these oils by measuring exactly the amount you need.
So there are six essential oils in the kit that are listed along with their benefits below.

What to expect: A colorless fluid oil with sharp camphor like woody and sweet scent.
Key features: 100% natural – Woody and sweet aroma – corrects oiliness, acne, rashes and burns – soothes itchy scalp – Decongests and eases breathing – relieves muscular aches – rejuvenates body and mind

What to expect: A colorless to pale yellow liquid with a sweet floral scent and a balsamic woody undertone
Key features: 100% natural – soothes skin irritation and redness – calms itchy scalp and damaged hair – relieves fatigue and anxiety – corrects sleeplessness

What to expect: A pale amber liquid with a fresh, grassy, herbaceous, citrus aroma and earthy undertones.
Key features: 100% Natural – Natural astringent – protects against skin infections – strengthens hair follicles – repels insects – alleviates anxiety and insomnia – stimulates and boosts energy

What to expect: A pale liquid with a strong grassy minty scent and sweet herbal undertone.
Key features: 100 % natural – Strong and minty aroma – clarifies irritated oily skin and scalp – relieves pain and cramps – cleans respiratory tract – relieves symptoms of PMS – improves mental focus and energy

What to expect: A pale, yellow mobile liquid with a warm, fresh, spicy and herbal aroma.
Key features: 100% natural – clears acne and pimple – reduces oiliness – heals skin inflammation – clears oily scalp and dandruff – energizing and uplifting

What to expect: A pale yellow-orange mobile liquid with a sweet, fresh and fruity scent.
Key features: 100% natural – powerful anti-ageing agent – protects against pollution and environment damage – uplifts the mind and body

I will be using these essential oils in my upcoming post that will help me review them better and will talk about their benefits in them. So stay tuned.
See you all in my next post.


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  2. One should never use essential oils without expert guidance. Essential oils do indeed have a lot of benefits but at the same time they can be be disastrous for some.

    You can ask the manufacturers of essentials oils for which essential oil is beneficial for particular disease or condition.

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