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Gifting ideas for men - bhaiya dhooj 2017 special

Namaskar, kaise hai aap?
Hey guys,how have you all been.I guess you all are enjoying the roller coaster season of festivities well! I seriously am worried about the amount of sugar and fat that i am consuming but cant help it,,festive food is so yumm!!So i am quickly going to share some gifting ideas with you guys for bhai dhooj coming up soon.I did these for rakshabandhan 2017 and thought that these might help you guys create your customised gifts for your brothers this bhai dhooj. These products were provided by Oriflame India and i created them into cute giftsets. The materials used for creating these are from 

I hope you guys will love them as much as my brothers did.
Here are the pictures of the products as i recieved it.

And this is how i styled these.



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