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Monsoon has finally reached north India. I enjoy rains a lot. The temperature goes down, the fresh air blows and plants look so freshened up. Monsoons also mean that months of September and October are not far away and so does the wedding season. October onwards, it is busy wedding period here in India. Most of them happen during this time. I think that is because India is a tropical country the weather in this part of the year is most favorable and comfortable especially if one is planning wedding and other related ceremonies outside in a resort or  a farm house. Despite of that we do have marriages in hot summers when panditji says so after reading the bride groom stars, you don't have a choice you....:) 

Planning wedding can take a toll on you especially when the time is short. I am telling you its indeed.
I shall share a personal experience with you. This coming October I my first cousin sister has a wedding in the second week of the month. Last week she and her mom visited our home and they shared how they found it very difficult to book  their favorite resort in October as it had back to back bookings and finally they had book the date at some other venue. That can be stressing you know. 

Not only that, the photographers, mehendi artists, decoration and lighting companies are also running a busy schedule and it is must that one should book them atleast 2 months in advance but that becomes tricky when you don't have that much time and then you also have to shell out some more money.

 In today's fast changing world its best to outsource the planning to some wedding planner and the amount of internet penetration we see today online options like looks convincing one. Is is an aggregator that present a lot of choices to you no matter what in which part of India you are in. 

You name a thing you get it - catering vendors, photographers, makeup artists, decorators. This makes the hustle around preparations very less. One is assured of the quality, deliverance on time and that dos 70% to 80%  of the job.  I have told my cousin sister about it as well. The venue, decorations and catering are done though but now she is exploring her options with make up artists and photographers on the website and she was telling me over the phone this has  made her life lot less stressful. So I thought of sharing this with you too as well.

You know there was a time when our parents and even I in my teenage have paid the electricity bills, phone bills and what not by visiting to the offices and today that happens just with a click. wedmegood had done the same thing to the planning and preparation of wedding.

I hope the special day becomes the most memorable day of your lives. 

Now I take your guys leave and see you in my next post. So keep reading and sharing.

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  1. Great tips, dear.
    I love the dresses.

  2. I love the wedding season. The clothing, music, henna everything is just special.

    Keep in touch!

  3. Thanks for sharing this info.

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