Hi to all!!

How was the day??? Surely it would have been fun. Girls today I am going to talk about body cocoon by garnier skin naturals. So check out the product here with me…

What the company claims: it’s creamy yet light textured easily absorbed into the skin enveloping it in a nourishing cocoon of softness, leaving it deliciously fragranced.

My experience with product: garnier body cocoon is 250 ml in quantity and for which I paid INR is orange colored bottle with white flip cap. The product inside the bottle is white in color. It is an intense moisturizing lotion which very well nourishes the skin. The product neither thick nor too flowy. It has an intermediate consistency. Perfect for rough, dry and flaky skin. Makes skin softer and look healthy. The product is more suitable for winters as it makes skin look oily sometimes in summers. Moreover the skin becomes dry mostly in winters so this is best for winter usage.garnier body cocoon has fabulous fragrance, completely feminine which I completely love. The product lives up to its claim of nourishing the skin and leaving it deliciously fragranced.

1. Nice packaging.
2. Good quantity at such a price.
3. Works effectively for dry, rough and flaky skin.
4. Restores skins suppleness.
5. Skin becomes unbelievingly soft.
6. Fabulous fragrance and it have really soothing effect.

1.      1. I find this product basically to be used in winters.
2.      2.   Skin becomes bit oily in summers.

Will I recommend it to you: yes…do try the product. Works wonders for dry skin. Amazing fragrance.
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