Hello ladies….
How are you all? I hope you all are enjoying your summer days. Well today I am going to review MAC lipstick in amplified Dubonnet. I have always admired MAC lipsticks. I have read online how great their lipsticks are. I always wanted to have them and yeahhh finally got the lipstick. i was looking for a red lipstick which is not too bright red and goes well with my skin tone and this the one I got, yes amplified Dubonnet lipstick. Well let’s get started with review….. :)



The lipstick comes in the standard packaging which is black in color with little bit of shimmery effect. The upper cap locks quite nicely and the twisting mechanism to open it is very swift and soft. The packaging is very classy I would say.
The amplified Dubonnet is red in color with brown under tones. It’s a perfect red for medium to warmer skin tones that is the Indian skin tones. It’s one of my favorite in red lipsticks. It adds sophistication and class to the wearer. It’s amazing when you want bold lips. The lipstick glides very swiftly on my lips; a single coat application is just perfect. The pigmentation and color is great. The texture is just awesome. It’s very comfortable to wear with amplified creamy finish. The name is very apt too. The lipstick lasts at least for 6 hours and then you may need some touch ups. I have received compliments for it too. The lipstick smells good too, I think like a chocolate or something.

 It really impresses me. Sometimes I feel like eating it(just kidding guys). I know that very bright reds don’t suit everyone and if you are thinking of getting a red and are afraid that it will suit you or not then do check this color out and yes do go for a tester trial first. I always recommend that you should use the tester first because Indian skin tones vary a lot. The color which suits one may not go right on the other. But yes this lipstick is very worth of trying. So go for it.

1. The color is great,,, apt for Indian skin tones
2. Very soft touch
3. Smooth finish, hides the lip lines to a good extent
4. Pigmentation is great
5. Lasts for good amount of time
6. smells good
7. The classy packaging

8. Its MAC
9. doesn’t smudges.

It stains the mug,,,,well I think most of the lipsticks do so and so I don’t consider it much of a con. This is all I can think of right now…

RATING: 4.8/5….. :)

WILL I REPURCHASE IT? Yes, surely I’ll get one again as soon as I finish the first one. I will also recommend this to my friend..it’s worth trying girls.
I hope you liked the review. See you in the next post, till then have a nice time.