Hey dolls,so today i am back with another nail art tutorial for you guys,,this nail art is really fun and bright.i enjoyed so much doing this,i hope you guys will also love it as much.
The theme here is pretty much the same as the last one,,where we created a gradient of shades of colors blending into each other..so if you liked my last nail art tutorial, i am quite sure you will like this as well.

So lets get started:

The colors we are using today are:

1.Start with bright neon pink,,,paint whole of your fingernail with it.

2.Now paint upper 3/4 with magenta pink.

3.Next follow with bright red in upper 1/2 of fingernail.

4.At last,,paint the upper 1/4 of nail with deep maroon red color(Maybelline Color Show in shade 216:Downtown Red).

5.Now using black nail art pen,make lines where two colors meet to make long rectangle shaped compartments.

6.Take silver rhinestones or stone stickers,,place 3 each in lowermost and third lowermost compartment.

7.Now draw lines to create triangles in the compartment between the two compartments having silver rhinestones.

8.At last,take any metallic eyeliner if you have any..and make small dots in the triangles.

9.Finally,finish it off wit a top coat.

I have created the design only on my thumbnail,,you can create on all fingernails or any one fingernail of your choice,,it's up to you.

Hope you had as much fun reading this blog post,,as much as i had while creating it.
Stay Gorgeous and always in style.