Greetings my lovely readers!!!
Its always a pleasure to write a post and talk to you guys,,it brings me such joy,which makes me forget all the worries and crappy things that happen to I guess every one of us at some point of our lives,which makes us feel sad and disheartened.Today was one of such crazy day,,when people are mean to you just because they are jealous of your work,your better performance and they do things to make you feel low or unnecessarily try to overburden you with odd chores,so that they can get their work done in that time to match your performance.But I have now eventually rose above these petty issues and have chose to ignore what other people say to you or about you ,just to cause you pain.If you are facing any such issue,,or if do so in future,,never feel bad and always ignore these negative people.It reflects their true personality,,not yours.Always maintain your inner peace,,and you know what??? you being calm is going to drive them crazy even more.So try the trick and make them go nuts..don't disturb yourself,,,and if nothing helps..try talking fashion and beauty with your bestie,,it will automatically divert your mind,,and you will be thinking of all beautiful cute things in the world and will be so happy.Beauty in the world will bring you joy,,as writing about beauty and makeup brings me joy.

Open your closet,,open your vanity,,open your jewellery box,,and feel amazed and content.That's exactly what I did,,so I was having these cream eye shadows lying in my makeup storage cabinet,,I have used these 3-4 times,,so I thought why not review these today.

So lets get started with the review:

So these are cream eyeshadows in six different shades,,
  1. Rose Gold
  2. Golden Brown
  3. Olive Green
  4. Deep Indigo
  5. Intense Plum
  6. Shimmering Steel

I basically adore golden brown,olive green and shimmering steel,,and even intense plum is a very nice shade for winters.

I loved the formula of these eye shadows, when you apply them; inspite of being cream shadows their is no greasiness and the finish is powdery smooth,which helps these shadows to set instantly and last longer.There is no problem of melting of eyeshadow as it has a powdery finish.Another advantage of this is that it makes these eyeshadows crease resistant and hence these claim to stay all day long.

The team at oriflame claims these to be colour intense,,like high pigmented shadows,,but some people may not find them to be highly pigmented,,though these are pigmented well good enough and to make them intense you can definitely layer it up to create an intense colour.You can very easily build the colour up to match your needs according to the mood of the occasion that you will be wearing these eyeshadows to.

These are very easy to use and apply.you need no fancy brushes to apply these,simply use your fingers to apply and blend the color to create your makeup look. It spreads evenly and your body heat warms the cream so it blends perfectly.

Nice shades.You have a choice of pearly to matte shades with a velvety sheen.

They are priced at INR 449,,which i think is a decent price for the quality they deliver.Even better is their introductory price of INR 299,,which is awesome,,so you better stock them up while they are available at this reduced price,,unless you will have to pay the full price later,,because you are definitely going to want to rebuy them once you try them as they are fine quality products.

So I hope I did justice to this review,,I tried to do a really nice detailed review so that you guys find this review helpful.If you have any queries regarding these,,you can definitely ask me in the comments below.
Till next time,,,I am waving you guys good bye.
Stay healthy and Happy,,,coz you are worth it. ;)
See you soon.

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