ORIFLAME'S : Pink Unlimited & Absolute Blush Review and Swatches

Hello pretty ladies
How are you all doing? I am fine and enjoying my life , however I keep on saying that's it very cold...its very cold....The place where I live in India have extreme weather conditions. It too cold in winters and too hot in summers. Although the intermediate seasons are very nice and pleasant. And that's the part of the year I like the most. In summers I am like when winter will come and in winters I keep on saying when summers will come to people around me. They might think I am mad or what because I always do that. That makes me realize that we always wish for those things that we don't have and when we have them we want the opposite of it. 


 Human nature,,,hmmm,,,, Well that's enough of the philosophy....Today I am gonna review the last two colors that I am left with that I haven't review since now of Oriflame's The One collection color unlimited lipsticks that are Pink Unlimited and Absolute blush.

So let us see what's in there for us

As I have already told you that the lipsticks come in purple colored cardboard cover and they themselves are black in color. 

The texture is buttery soft and the product just melts when applied on the lips. These are not at all hard, indeed are very soft and leaves appropriate amount of color with only single swipe. To get even more dark color you can use a second coat. The lipstick is so nourishing and the lips look so healthy after using these. The color remains for a long time about 7 to 8 hrs and then you may need touch up.


Okay Coming the shades now.

ABSOLUTE BLUSH:of all the shades of pink that I have talked about so far in the collection this color is lightest of all. It’s a very pretty shade of pink. Very Barbie like. If I were to name it…. I would name it as princess pink. If you are not a fan of dark colors then this one is meant for you. Although it would not look so good with darker skin stones because of it’s obvious lightness.

PINK UNLIMITED: The shade suggests that it’s a medium pink color. This one is suitable for all skin tones. It is a great color and doesn’t has shimmer in it. I usually use it in day time.

1. Soft and Smooth
2. Rich and pigmented
3. Very petty shades of pink
4. Easy to carry
5. Great staying power

Very soft, vulnerable to breakage. May be little expensive but definitely worth it.

RATINGS: 4.5/5

Overall, I liked both these shades of pink from THE ONE range. These are perfect shades for this season and guys let me tell you they are worth giving a try.

Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. Looking forward to hear from you.

Have a nice day.