ORIFLAME'S - Wild Rose & Pink Raspberry Review

Hello Everybody
How are you all doing? Here at my place, the weather has being showing a lot of capriciousness. It’s sunny sometimes and stormy and rainy other times. Honestly I am loving this kind of uncertainty but definitely not the flu that accompanied it….heheh….ya I have been down with cold and fever for last few days. That really irritated me. I didn't feel like doing anything although I had lot of work to do. But that’s it. What has to happen will happen, no one controls that, right guys???? Well saying that in my last post about oriflame I have reviewed the REDS from their new range THE ONE and this time Pinks are on the list guys.

Yes and that’s what I am gonna review today. So I will be reviewing two new shades here today that are called wild rose and pink raspberry.
In lipsticks Reds and Pinks are my all-time favorites. That brings out one’s girly and pretty nature out and I think that’s pretty much the reason why most of us love these shades.
 Saying that let us just get started with review guys.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRODUCT: well these matte lipsticks come in purple colored cardboard boxes and so does the lipstick inside.
These lip colors are pretty much pigmented. The lipsticks stay on for more than 5 hours and after that you may need a touch up,,,,so keep these lovelies in your handbag. The product is very soft on the lips.

The company lives up to its claim of giving a matte final finish. These lip colors of that these dries your lips instead keep them well moisturized and nourished.
Among these two pinks Pink Raspberry is no.1 and wild rose is no.2 for me. The reason being I have a similar color just like the wild rose in some other brand and I have been little bored with it ( the color is great that’s why I had it initially in some other brand), and that’s just about the color because quality of the product is unbeatable. 

If we were to take in consideration the shade card wild rose is more on the reds shade while the pink raspberry is more to the pink. Pink raspberry is very pretty pink indeed. The reason I am saying that is because I have seen that some light pinks doesn’t suits very well the Indian skin tones because very light….almost giving a white color to the lips and that’s not what we guys look for while purchasing a pretty Cinderella like pink color. 

So this one right here is a Cinderella pink for me that’s very pigmented and rich.
So yes guys that’s pretty much everything about these lipsticks and let me tell you these lip colors are definitely worth your money.

1.       Its oriflame
2.       Rich and pigmented
3.       Pretty shades
4.       Matte finish
5.       Soft and moisturizing
6.       Healthy looking lips

Quality none.
For color I like more of pink Raspberry and less of wild rose and this will vary from person to person.

RATINGS: 4.5/5
Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. Looking forward to your lovely comments down here….


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