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Hello pretty dolls!!!
How are you all. Hope you all enjoying the monsoon showers. Even at the places where monsoon has not arrived yet don’t worry it’s not far away. Well today I am going to do a review on Nivea Aqua effect purifying face wash. I have always liked nivea products. Be it lip care, skin care I have always been a fan of this brand. And this is the reason why I got this face wash. I have not use any face wash from nivea earlier than this one. It’s my first from nivea. So today I am reviewing this product. So let’s start…

WHAT THE PRODUCT SAYS: Deeply cleans pores with purifying peeling scrubs to reduce and prevent impurities.
Reduces excess sebum to prevent oily shine with its purifying formula while respecting the skin’s own moisture balance.
Vitalizes the skin with ocean algae.
The skin is deeply cleansed and mattified, looking healthy and beautiful.

PRICE: Rs.99/-


Well nivea aqua effect purifying face wash comes in a light green colored tube with flap cap on top. The product inside is also slightly green in color. The product is transparent and not poaque one. It has very small (micro) blue colored beads for exfoliation with the cleaning process. Overall it’s a good packaging.
The product inside the tube smells nice. The smell is very refreshing and mood lifting. When you wash your face, the fragrance makes you feel that you are on an island, close to the nature. And yes every one of us knows that with Fragrances this company can never go wrong.
The face wash removes dirt and impurities from the skin. I felt my face become cleaner. It only cleans but does not brighten up the face. The face wash does not break me out. My skin is acne prone one. So I have to be very careful with my face cleansers, and yes this didn’t give me any pimples, which usually doesn’t happen when I try out different cleansers. It is a mild kind of face wash. So this was a plus point of this product.

I found this face wash a regular one. I didn’t found any uniqueness in it or any kind of special effects. Its an ordinary product like the other simple face washes that one can find in the market. Washing your face with it is similar to washing with soap except for the pimple part. The micro beads don’t cause any effective exfoliation. I had to take the product in comparatively large amount for washing my face. Overall it is an OK product according to me. I am not going to repeat it after I am done with this tube.

1.      Remove impurities and dirt
2.      Good packaging
3.      Cleans the face
4.      Doesn’t break me out

1.      Regular and ordinary face wash
2.      No specialties
3.      Cleans like a soap
4.      No effective exfoliation
5.      One has to take the product in large amount

WILL I REPURCHASE IT? No, but yes I will try other facial cleansers from Nivea because I am its big fan.


Have a beautiful day.


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