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Hello guys!!!
How are you all doing? Hey today I am doing a DIY post. This is my first one. So, today I am going to show how to make very pretty hair clip in a very quick and easy manner. I have always admired the beautiful hair accessories that especially the Hollywood actresses wear. Be it Blaire’s (Leighton meester) style in the US television show gossip girl or Kate winslet with her commendable hair accessory in titanic, I have always liked their style and have cherished the unique hair clips they wore. These hairclips add sophistication plus decorates the hair. I know these cute hair clips are quite expensive (and as you know pretty things are intentionally kept overprized). So I thought why shouldn’t I make my own hairclip and this is what I came out with. So let’s get started with diy….

1.      Three white pearls
2.      Blue ribbon roll
3.      Tailors chalk for marking
4.      A white base clip
5.      Hot glue gun
6.      A measuring scale
s.    Scissors

Step 1: using the measuring scale or tape mark a small line on the ribbon of about 25cm. take the scissor and cut the piece of ribbon.

Step 2: now step 2 is to make the roses and this is the most important step or you can say it’s the heart of this DIY. Take the ribbon edge and with your hands try finding a thin wire at the corner of the ribbon. It will be little trickier for the first timers but when you find it and have learnt the technique it will become very easy. Now pull this wire/thread out of the ribbon slowly and you’ll notice that ribbon is being scrunched. Don’t pull out the entire thread; carry on the pulling until the nice level of scrunchiness is achieved in the ribbon.

  Step 3: now tie a knot at one end of the ribbon and then using this knot as the base start rolling the scrunched ribbon as shown to form a rose. While rolling use little bit of hot glue side by side in order to secure the shape of the rose. Repeat the above steps in order to make three roses of such kind.

Step 4: now take your base clip on which you have to insert these roses. Cut a little bit base of the flowers formed (this make the base plane and then the roses can glued properly on the clip) and using your hot glue gun glue them one by one on the clip. Add one pearl on the top of each blue rose that again using the hot glue gun.
Guys be careful with the hot glue gun.

And tada… we are ready with our beautiful hair clip.

You can customize the color of the ribbon and beads as per your requirement.
Hope you liked the DIY and will surely try this.
Have a nice day. J

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