Bye Bye shower gels

It is such a relief as July almost comes to end. Two  months of this hot summer season finally come to end. But wait that is not all there are few months still left of humid and hot weather here in India. Swimming and cold showers are my way of escaping from this hot weather. So if you are taking such showers then you must definitley invest in some extremely good smelling shower gels or soaps.

 A goood fragranced bath rejuvenates you. You feel so much energetic and fresh you have a good scented bath.

I have experimented a lot with the shower gels but this time I tried experimenting with different soaps. So the ones I got were whether good smelling or had some anti bacterial properties.


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HAPPYDISIAC - Happiness arousing perfume

I am feeling so happy today. Although I remain happy always because guys life is too short to be sad.

So while the mood was already great the door bell rang and see what I got in my mail box. Its two EDTs by Oriflame and they are called HAPPYDIASIC for men and women. Isn't that weird ?Well is that coincidence or some super natural power that made my day today. hahaha.... just kidding. The men variant, I gave it to my brother and you know he should be thanking me right now for this. Well he did not and just smiled away when I gave it to him.I knew he would behave that way. All brothers are the same.
That's was the little story attached to the incident when I got these products so lets just quickly jump over to the review of these.

Everyday Products Haul

Lately I have been running low on my supplies so I had to stock them up. So what I did this time, instead going to store I did online shopping on the amazon and got few things that I have been thinking of getting for few days. They have been ordered and delivered and now I ma just uploading few photos of the products that I got. All these items are my first time purchases. By first time I don't mean the product but basically the companies or the brands of the products that I got like the Korus essential and Healthvit.


Dry brushing…..well what is that…How is it done…What are its benefits….Do you also have all these of questions in mind? Then you have landed to right place. I am going to resolve all of your questions here. This was new to me as well but not anymore. I did a thorough research on it and then finally got this dry brushing brush from Oriflame. It has been nearly 15 days from the time I have started brushing my body with it and that is pretty much time to have this technique start showing its effects on the body skin.

A part Of My Life

Hello Beautiful blog readers How you all? So for those who would like to know my current status, I am writing this article while I am in a Bus from Delhi to my home town. It was a hectic day at work. I was expecting little of load today but it was exactly the opposite at office. I had to leave office an hour early as I had to catch the bus. My senior is very kind when it is the matter of going home. So he just reduced my burden and just gave me a hint that I can leave an hour early. Thank you sir for that. I really respect him a lot. He has a very versatile personality. He can be tough sometimes and really nice at times. So coming to where I am now. This post is not going to be any makeup or beauty review but a more kind of lifestyle post. I hope you will like it.

LAKME lip love - lip care in blackcurrant

What are you all doing for your lips this summer season? Are you actually doing something or just thinking that you will do but end up doing nothing. Well if that is the case then girls buck up and come out of your lazy attitude towards your lips. Yes I am telling you this because lips are the most sensitive area of your face. Have you realized that get affected whenever the season changes. And at this point of time when summers are on they definitely deserve the care. Saying that I am going to review one such lip product from Lakme called lip love in variant blackcurrant.

THE ONE Vinyl Gels by Oriflame

Hello beautiful ladies I am all obsessed with BAHUBALI. My Indian readers will be knowing what I am talking about. It is an amazing movie and I personally wish that it receives an Oscar. Mr. Rajamouli, Anushka Shetty and Prabhas you have done great job. Such movies are made just once in a lifetime. Coming to the product that I would be talking today on the blog is vinyl gels by Oriflame in their collection THE ONE. It is their newest product that have been launched this month by oriflame. I am telling you guys you are going to love the fact that they have come with some unique shades this time. This time it’s not all red. Though I am a red fan but who does not likes the variety. It is this time in their vinyl gels.