Oriflame's Novage pore and line perfector review

Hello readers!!
Today we are going to talk about Oriflame India's one of the recent products i.e. pore and line perfector from their Novage range.I guess this has been launched since last 3-4 months if i am correct.I had received this like a month or more ago but didn't had a chance to try this or include this in my skincare regime.Since the weather in north India has now gone very harsh and my ongoing skincare was not helping me much i decided to switch it and was looking for other products lying in my vanity.This was when i rediscovered this product lying in one of the drawers of my dresser.So i decided to give it a try since my skin is getting very dry,so whenever i want to put my bb or cc creams i get a hard time to blend them in smoothly.


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When its time,, Be prepared!!

Hello my beautiful readers!
Today's article is very different from the regular articles and is about a much more important topic.We i.e. me and you all are admirers of all things nice and beautiful which pretty much explains why we all are a part of beauty industry.But something is much more vital than beauty i.e. our health.A women's body goes through a lot of changes in one's life. There is menarche,puberty,adolescence, pregnancy and menopause which is a difficult time for many women but pregnancy is most important of them all.

Oriflame THE ONE Express lip crayons

hello guys!Today's post is just an update about one of oriflame India's  latest launch, which are these semi matte lip crayons from their THE ONE collection.I recieved them just few days back and wanted to share them with you as i was really impressed with their quality and colors. I thought may be you guys might also want to give them a try,so i am sharing a few photos!!!


Hello my beautiful people,
I hope that you all are having great time as the row of indian festivities has begun and is in full swing.This is probably the best time of the year,if you are north indian especially a punjabi; you know what i mean.This starts with Navratras,then we have dussehra, karva chauth, dhan teras, DIWALI, and then finally bhaiya dhooj. This is the time of celebrations,festivities,good food,family time and gifts ;) .Gifts being the most beautiful part (LOL),haha,,,just joking the real joy is the family time you spend laughing and smiling but we can't deny ..we all love gifts.
A lot many brands come up with their gift sets at this time of the year,like thebodyshop(they have cutest giftsets),grace and cole(stupendously beautifully packed)kama ayurveda,forest essentials and many more.Online shopping websites are flooded with offers because this is the time of year when everybody is shopping for their near and dear ones.So,basically this is the indian christmas!!!

Gifting ideas for men - bhaiya dhooj 2017 special

Namaskar, kaise hai aap?
Hey guys,how have you all been.I guess you all are enjoying the roller coaster season of festivities well! I seriously am worried about the amount of sugar and fat that i am consuming but cant help it,,festive food is so yumm!!So i am quickly going to share some gifting ideas with you guys for bhai dhooj coming up soon.I did these for rakshabandhan 2017 and thought that these might help you guys create your customised gifts for your brothers this bhai dhooj. These products were provided by Oriflame India and i created them into cute giftsets. The materials used for creating these are from 

I hope you guys will love them as much as my brothers did.
Here are the pictures of the products as i recieved it.

And this is how i styled these.

xoxo  HFBB

H&M store opens in the golden city of amritsar!!

Hey guys!I am really happy for the fact that now we have  H&M store in Amritsar. It inaugrated on the day of dussehra i.e. 30th september 2017 and i was there at the inaugration.I won amazing goodies by participating in their live contests.It was really fun. Me and my sister won gift cards amounting to a total of 5000/- rupees,which was crazy and totally awesome.

We did some really smart shopping there,i will be sharing the clothing haul soon.I just wanted to share the information,so that if you are in the area and want to check out the store,you can go and have a ball.

It has opened at theMALL OF AMRITSAR( which was previously called the alpha one mall),ground floor,right next to the the body shop store.Guys do go and check out the store,they have amazing clothes.(i dont have to tell you that,you probably would know)
Till then happy shopping!!!

Top 5 affordable haircare products for dry fizzy hair

Hey beautiful peeps,how you doing?
I am very excited today because i finally got time to write this post.For the last five months i have been buying,trying and testing various hair care products to tame my frizzy, dry curly hair. Caring for curly hair is a high maintenance job , since they tend to be dry at ends. This turns into a nightmare in dry,hot summers when they turn into a frizz ball.So every time you see someone with silky straight hair,all you do is gorge on their beautiful straight hair  and wish you were blessed with the same. But curly hair are not so bad, they look really wonderful,voluminous and gorgeous when healthy and well moisturized.
                                                            Today i will be sharing my top 5 picks with you guys to care for  your beautiful volumious tresses.It includes 2 shampoos,2 conditioners and one hair serum.These all are in affordable range,that is below INR 1000/-.These are easily available and one can buy any of these  at ny…