Colorbox nail polishes by Oriflame sweden- Review

Hello my beautiful internet people
How are you all doing? Life has become super busy. Travel to work, then take classes and then travel back and then do my studies and work again back in the room. It has become super hectic and how absurd it may sound I am enjoying it. However, my interaction with you all at the blog has suffered but I will try making out to you  as much as I can.


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Bath and Body Works now in India

Hello pretty friends

Happy monsoons to all. This year the monsoon has arrived in India a bit early and everybody is liking every bit of it except the people of Mumbai. I say this because there has been lot of disruptions and road inundations by the water in Mumbai. This is what I have heard from the TV news channels. But here in New Delhi the situation is not that worse and more accurately it is not raining that much here.

LAKME ABSOLUTE Perfect Radiance kit - Review

Hello beautiful people

How is the summer season going ? It rained heavily here in Delhi today. Yes I am in Delhi these days because of work. I have been shifting cities in past 2 to 3 years and I tell you that is not an easy task but I manage somehow. But that is life, giving you all new opportunities and you have to be there to grab them. This is how it is but I enjoy it. Well that's about what is currently going on. Moving on I am here to review Lakme Absolute perfect radiance kit today.


We live in a world where beauty does not necessarily have to come naturally. A world where it is very okay if you don’t like the body that you came in. A world that provides you the necessary information and essential tools to get your body goals. It is not limited to having an hourglass figure or full lips or rounded butts. The beauty department makes provisions for even the negligible flaws in the corners of your bodies. It is now very easy to add fun to your boring fingernails which is our today’s topic of interest.

Fragrance of the Month : ECLAT madamoiselle

Explore the true Parisian style !!!!

Explore the thrilling heart of Paris with the captivating scent dedicated to the city of lights.
Floral and feminine with white hibiscus at its heart, Eclat mademoiselle is essence of beautiful longing and joy of youth.

Experience a scent that exudes a delicate, exotic and sublime femininity. White hibiscus is the hero with its floral expression and subtle watery notes. The flower embodies classic, romantic sophistication. The perfect accompaniment for young Parisian woman.

What I picked from H&M this time !

Hello my beautiful virtual friends

How are you all doing out there ? We are already down with one full complete month of January of 2018 and February is also in its last stages. This is the best time of the year. The environment and atmosphere around feels so fresh and rejuvenated. I love this time of the year.

Recently I have finding few good pieces of clothing for myself and see which I store I just landed into. Yes its none other than H&M. I my previous posts I did mention that H&M have started a store at my city and that time also got few accessories and apparel for myself.

Oriflame's Novage pore and line perfector review

Hello readers!!
Today we are going to talk about Oriflame India's one of the recent products i.e. pore and line perfector from their Novage range.I guess this has been launched since last 3-4 months if i am correct.I had received this like a month or more ago but didn't had a chance to try this or include this in my skincare regime.Since the weather in north India has now gone very harsh and my ongoing skincare was not helping me much i decided to switch it and was looking for other products lying in my vanity.This was when i rediscovered this product lying in one of the drawers of my dresser.So i decided to give it a try since my skin is getting very dry,so whenever i want to put my bb or cc creams i get a hard time to blend them in smoothly.