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Hello everyone!!!!
How is everyone doing? Well spring is on and so is my shopping spree. This time I have decided to get some dresses as I am running short of these plus I love wearing dresses. They really make you look cute. Don't you think so.....
I know every girl has a special thing for dresses,,and recently I have discovered a site which is a dress heaven.Its called- .There are so many dresses to choose from,apt for every occasion.
Be it a prom party, graduation party, cocktails.....You name an occasion and you get the dress there....Isn't that so cool?


Hi my lovely readers!!!

I hope everybody is enjoying the change in weather,,,because spring is that kind of weather which brings you joy,peace and happiness.its just so beautiful.but one thing beautiful i have always longed for,is long beautiful hair.Hair are such an important part of overall personality of a person,,we might not notice at times,but they alone can instantaneously transform your whole look.Ihave wavy hair,that tend to get dry and frizzy in summers and i have always gorged on luscious long locks of other people.I personally adore long straight hair.I cant change my hair texture,so i thought of trying some hair extensions to get long straight hair,and in fact i wanted some ombre hair extensions,because i have never colored my hair,,and i wanted to see how they suited me.


Hello my gorgeous readers!!! I am extremely sorry for not posting for such a long time,,actually my internet connection was down for 2 days and then there was Holi,,and it were holidays and the internet people were on holidays too,so nobody would come to fix it,it was very frustrating!!!

But now i am back and i promise you guys,,that I will be posting much more frequently and will be doing a lots of reviews because i have noticed that I haven't done much of them lately.
So for today i am doing an outfit post,which I  personally enjoyed wearing,,,and yes i did some shopping from and from their Holi sale section and got quite good things and discovered new brands,,which wowed me!!I will be sharing pics of those with you guys soon.

The Nature’s Co. Founder unveils beauty essentials at work!

March being the financial year end calls for appraisal and promotion evaluations. Don’t you want to show the confiance inside out at this time of the year? We’re sure your desk drawers are fully supplied with pens and post-its, but what about beauty essentials? It’s important to keep an inventory of beauty must-haves at your workplace, after all, the amount of time we working ladies spend at our work desk, it makes it pretty much our second home. 

TNC doesn’t leave a chance to help you look your best naturally, around the clock. This time Beauty Expert & Founder, The Nature’s Co, Natasha Shah, herself has rounded up 6 products in the March Special Gorgeous 9 to 5 Beauty Wish Box, that'll work as hard as you do. 

"Impromptu outdoor meetings or after-work plans, ‘freshening up' or touch-ups become inevitable. These emergency fix-its have slowly filled up my desk, and I refuse to part with a single one, making me look and feel my best at all times. You’ll be ready for anyt…


Hello to all my beautiful readers!!

How are you all doing??? guys as you all might be knowing,i have acne prone skin and i am suffering from terrible acne right now;i don't know whether its the changing weather or my diet or the pollution,i am seriously clueless!!!this time i am not having one or two pimples,but quite a lot more;crops of pimples all over my face,and the even bigger problem is that its not the kind of zits that go away in 3-4 days,,they stay for very long,,and once one pimple decides to  die,it gives birth to a new one at the adjacent spot.OMG!!!its so frustrating guys!!

So i have been very worried and concerned about my skin lately,,because a pimple not only acts as a detrimental factor to your personality and beauty,,it also brings with it a lot of mental stress.i feel so low on confidence all the time,,i don't want to step out of house..don't want to pose for pictures,,sometimes don't want to look in the mirror too.if you have acne prone skin,,i hope…