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ORIFLAME's "THE ONE" - Eyeliner Stylo Review

Hey Everybody Here I am with another review for you guys. So the product I am going to review are ORIFLAME'S "The One" eyeliner Stylo. Eyeliners are something that really makes your eyes look bigger. I don't put a lot of make up on my face all the time but I always do my  eye makeup while going out and using an eye liner is a must. You can say that this is one of my essentials while stepping out of the house. I have, by now, invested a lot in them. So without wasting anytime let us get started with the review.


Hello my beautiful readers!!!
How are you all doing ? How did your Diwali Celebrations went ? As for me, everything went so great. It was more of family time. All my cousins who have their jobs at varied places, all of us got together this Diwali and had lots of fun. Though we didn't burst  crackers, I spent my day putting the lights at home and the garden, then there was Rangoli that my sister and I made,I enjoyed exchanging gifts and lot of stuff like that. I"ll be sharing the Rangoli post with you soon.

Well today I am going to introduce you guys a very nice  online dress store called


It's just a day  to Diwali and I am feeling super excited. Diwali is a festival of lights, happiness, sharing and reunions.  It’s a time when every one of us takes out time to spend it with our near and dear ones. It’s time for friends and family reunions. Like Christmas, in India We have Diwali. There is so much to do these days. Everything is keeping me it shopping for gifts for friends and family or going to Diwali parties. So this weekend I went to such a Diwali party and  did my face with THE ONE illuskin foundation which I am going to review today here on the blog. So here what I have to say about it.

The Nature's Co. unveils the Grande Deepavali Fest till the 31st of October

This Diwali dig up your festival gifts from The Nature’s Co. varied range of bath, body care and skin care products to deluge your loved ones with all that pamper!
The festival of lights arrives, lining up the year ahead filled with merriment and glee, painting the entire nation with its festive mood. Diwali is celebrated in our country with loads of fun, frolic and passion, elicited by all the religious rituals, lighting diyas, making rangolis, dressing up, shopping and spreading lots of love and happiness with beautiful gifts to give their near and dear ones. To mark the occasion and edifice this festive spirit The Nature's Co. gets you ready for the shopping extravaganza!

FLORAL PAINTINGS - Daisies & Tulips

Whatsuppp everybody...How are you all. Well You all know how much I love this art and craft site called itsybitsy. There is so much crafty material that you can chose from. Be it painting, card making, stamping, wood carving, gift wrapping , pottery and the list goes on and on...In short anything your hearts wants to do and you are searching for the right material for that, then this is the store you need to stop by. So recently I tried my hands into doing some painting. So I got some poster colors, painting brushes, sketching book from itsybitsy and just started doing that. So here is the quick post about the same. I just wished to show you all guys what all I made. So here its is...

Oriflame India enhances brand portfolio, Signs Huma Qureshi as Brand Ambassador, Colour Cosmetics

~ Unveils professional color cosmetics range - ‘The ONE’ ~ 15th October 2014, New Delhi: Direct Selling major, Oriflame India, today unveiled a scintillating and exuberant addition to the Oriflame family, and welcomed the stunning Bollywood diva,  Huma Qureshi as the face for the brand’s color cosmetic range- The ONE. The range of cosmetics, inspired by the successful and contemporary woman, is set to be the reason for every woman’s delight.  The evening rendezvous witnessed a dazzling fashion show characterized by flair and panache, where renowned models like Sonalika Sahay, Noyonika Chatterjee, Donna Masih, Anchal Oberoi and Krishna Somani amongst others, walked the ramp along with the show-stopper Huma Qureshi, who launched the new range amidst much fanfare at the Residence of the Ambassador of Sweden. The evening also saw an intriguing, magnificent performance by Fusion Angels who redefined aerial performances and left the audience spellbound.

RED/BLACK - Nail Tattoo

Hi everybody.....
How are you all? Currently I am enjoying shopping for this festive season. Diwali is on its way and I am super excited to welcome it by buying gifts and sweets for my friends and family. So today I thought of doing a nail art/tattoo tutorial with you guys here. So I started doing nail art on my nails and later realized that it looks more like a tattoo on my nails rather than the normal nail arts and hence the name of my post. Well not wasting much time I quickly get started on how to get this on your nails too.....


Hey girls!

So the fall is finally setting in,and I hope everyone of you has been enjoying the change of season.I personally have been really relishing the beauty of changing seasons.Hot humid summers have eventually passed away giving way to warm cozy sun and chilly winds.I really like this time of the year..its pleasant time..also I feel so festive at this time of the year..because many of my family members have their birthdays at this time of year,,then we have Dussehra, Karwa chauth, Diwali, Bhai dooj,,all big festivals around this time of year,,,its just simply beautiful and rejuvenating.One gets to meet their friends,family,,you get to eat delicious food,,sweets,,and one gets to go shopping..a lot..for friends,family,home decor,,ones own needs.


Hi Everybody!!!
Today I am doing a celebrity style post. Currently I am obsessed with dressing style of gorgeous Taylor Swift. Be it mini skirts or pants, anytime we see her she looks fab.