Aroma magic skin facial products -for ageing skin

Hello ladies!!!
As you know I am always trying out , searching for the best products for you all and myself to enhance our beauty. To make you all more beautiful. Healthy and fashionable. Today’s article is about something which everyone of us will need today or some other day. Yes you get it right it’s about facial. Facial is need of every lady top keep her skin tight, glowy and wrinkle free. Don’t you agree with me?  Consider the example of our bollywood actress like neetu singh, sharmilla tagore, madhuri dixit, rekha, shridevi and many more. Even the male actors undergo regular facials to keep their skin tight and look great in films even in the age of 45. So here I am to talk to you about aroma magic facial kit. You might have already heard about this brand. It is one of the popular brands for facial kits in India. Recently I was searching for a perfect facial kit for my mother going shop to shop, searching on internets, catalogues. But I finally put an end to my search by purchasing aroma magic facial products from my nearby cosmetics shop. Initially I thought of buying it through internet but then I went to market two days back and ultimately purchased it. So here is all the products of aroma magic facial kit.

1. AROMA MAGIC-mineral glow scrub
This microderm face and body scrub cleans the pores, removes black heads, dead cells and exfoliate blockage. Reduces wrinkles, sun damage and improves the texture of skin. It is 120g and was about 140 rupees.

2. AROMA MAGIC-almond nourishing cream
An anti wrinkle cream rich in vitamin A, B & E.prevents dry skin and fine lines. It is about 50g and I got for 200 rupees.

3. AROMA MAGIC-hydro gel
A deep lubricating and nourishing gel rich in lactic acid. Prevents skin dehydration and dryness. It is 50g was for rs.125 but I got it for rs. 100.

4. AROMA MAGIC-glow face pack
The company says that it is an instant face lifting and firming treatment that helps sagging and aging skin. Leaves your face looking years younger. It is 35g was for rs. 80.

5. AROMA MAGIC-non alcoholic toner
It is 220ml and costed me rs.140.really a very nice product. Lives up to its claim for closing the pores, softening facial lines, restoring skins pH and giving it radiance and freshness.

6. AROMA MAGIC-skin rejuvenation blended skin oil
It has oils of jasmine; wheat germ in it. It is 15ml for rs.170.

7. AROMA MAGIC-under eye gel
Lightens dark circles. Prevents wrinkles near the eyes and rejuvenates the tired eyes. It is 20ml and was for rs.115.

This facial kit really did wonders to my mother skin. I will definitely recommend to you all guys but do check out that these products suit your skin and do not cause any kind of rashes or things like that.
Do tell me if you find the review useful. Do comment below and tell about the same.


  1. Hey nice blog..followin u :)
    I love the mineral glow scrub !! m gonna try more of aroma magic surely..all products work nicee..:)

    1. May i konw where u got this product

    2. you can find this at any good beauty store across india....please tell me where you are located so that i can guide u better....

  2. thanks for following....u r right aroma magic has some really nice products...:)

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