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Éclat deodorant –by oriflame

Hello dolls!
Hope you all are fine .so the deodorant we are going to talk about today is éclat deodorizing spray by oriflame. I saw the éclat perfume in the catalogue and made my mind to purchase the same. But then I was anxious whether I should buy such a pricey perfume without testing the fragrance. So I decided to buy the deo first from the same range first and if I liked the fragrance, then I’ll get the perfume. So now let’s talk about this thing:

Éclat deodorant spray. Long lasting and effective. I could not get details about the notes in the perfume.

It comes in a black and golden spray bottle with a transparent cap. it is 75 ml in quantity . Éclat-as the name suggests is a truly sophisticated scent. It is a mesmerizing, brilliantly attractive fragrance. It is a perfect party scent. Anyone who smelled it went crazy about the fragrance-my mom, my sis, my aunt, my cousin, my friends. So it is a foolproof fragrance that will never let you down. It is not for people who like strong, musky scents, it is a light fragrance that is really sophisticated like expensive French perfumes.
The scent lasts on me for 3-4 hrs. But this is just a deo. No doubt the perfume will have longer staying power. Although the product doesn’t live up to its claim of being long lasting. It is a completely feminine fragrance that every one of us should have. Also it’s alcohol free. So that’s another plus point. I really really like this deodorant and I am planning to buy this perfume in near future.

WILL I RECOMMEND THIS? Yes without any doubts


Do try this one out. I assure you that you’ll completely love this.
Hope you liked the review. Don’t forget to comment below. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer you for sure.
Hugs and lots of love

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