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Do read this one if you want to stop new pimples. During my exams I got so many pimples all over my face. I don’t know why. Maybe due to stress of examination I really wanted something which can help me out because every moisturizer I was using broke me out and then I found this beauty. Although it didn’t help my existing pimples it prevented any new breakouts and the bonus is that it is tinted.

About the product:
What the company claims: Daily use formula with kaolin and special moisturizers. Discover skinsurance for dry to normal skin. Provides
1. Moisturisation
2. Protection.
3. Dead skin removal.
4. Acne control
Apply every day for soft clear skin.
My experience with product: I got this 60ml packaging which is a plastic bottle with olive colored twist open cap. The moisturizer has peachish tint to it. So a great option if you are looking for a tinted moisturizer. Since not many tinted moisturizers are available in Indian market others being by ponds, oriflame. this is a great product to try because it is not as costly as those by other brands.
1. Moisturize my skin well.
2. Didn’t break me out.
3. Great price.
4. Spreads well.
5. easy to carry in bag.
6. Is tinted……yeahhh
7. Has aloe Vera
1. No variety of shade s in tint.
2. Might not be moisturizing enough for winters


  1. hey kriti,i thnk i also myt try ds it really dt effectve?


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