Lotus herbals-APRISCRUB

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Today I am going to review lotus herbal apriscrub. Scrub is an essential part of face cleansing. Without scrubbing every other step of face cleansing is useless because if dead skin cells are not removed, none of the other products are gonna work because of the layer of the dead cells over the skin.

So if you are looking forward to buy a scrub then you should really check out this post.

What the product claims: Lotus herbals is the perfect scrub to scrub away the dead cells gently without rupturing your skin.a young, radiant skin is what you get after using this product.       
My experience with the product: it is a yellow squeeze up tube with a flip open cap. The product is a brownish cream with tiny walnut pieces in it. These walnut pieces help in scrubbing of the blackheads. The cream tries to smoothen the effect of hard walnut pieces. The scrub has an awesome fragrance and I am in completely in love with its fragrance. But the walnut pieces can be really harsh if you like your scrubs to be mild. It’s completely a personal preference but I like my scrubs to be gritty so that I can feel the exfoliation.

1. Helps in clearing up the skin.
2. Black heads are removed.
3. Skin is smoothened out.
4. has a really nice fragrance.
5. Nice packaging.

Walnut pieces can be really harsh sometimes, that’s the only bad thing.

Price: i dont remember exactly. it was between 60-80 INR.

Will I recommend this?  Considering other scrubs available in the market I will say a NO because this can’t be used for daily exfoliation prefer using it as body scrub that’s how I use it….but if you want to give it a try go ahead because this is good product at a great price.
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