Hello to all!!!
Today I am very happy and excited. I didn’t know with whom I should share. Then I thought how stupid I was. I should tell it to friends at my HFBB (hair, fashion, beauty blog).reason I am happy is that I got makeup kit by ulta from my aunt who lives in U.S.A. and gave this as a gift.yeppie……… I am going to show what all things I have in this kit….

There are 36 eye shadows,6 blushes,20 lip stains,  2 lipglosses,2 lipsticks(oops one is on my dressing table ),2 eyeliners,6 eye applicators,1 blush brush,6 lip brushes and off course the mirror.
Isn’t it perfect? Hope you liked it .do tell me lf you liked my kit and do comment….


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