Nivea smooth body milk

Hey guys!!!
I hope you all are doing well enough. My summer vacations are going to end soon and so I just sat down to write some articles to post which I had been delaying from last two weeks as something or other always came up as I sat to write down articles or else I was feeling very lazy. Summers make me lazy. Is that with you guys too? I mean I just don’t like to move at all. I don’t step out of house at all because the idea of sun and scorching heat irritates me. I mean like there are pretty good sales on every brand, in every mall and it’s not like I don’t want to go to those places  and get pretty things. I want to….but when I think of going out, plan crashes to the ground. So enough with the ramblings. Let’s get back to the point here. So today the first thing I am going to review is nivea smooth body milk with gingko, Shea butter and vitamin E.

What the product claims:
It says on the bottle that it is a smooth care for day skin, for a smooth skin sensation. It says that it gives 24 hrs round the clock moisturisation, dermatologically proven. So it is true to what it claims. Let’s see:
My experience:
The bottle:
The main reason why I bought it is the bottle; that always caught my eye when it used to be lying on the shelves in the shopping centre.
It is pretty purple (me a fan of purple) .so I would give it full marks for the packaging. The only problem is that when I open it hard, some product flies off and hits my face.
The product:

It smells just amazing. I love its smell. When you check the consistency it is pretty creamy but when you apply it on your skin, it is absorbed really fast and pretty well. No greasy feeling after application. It gives  my skin just right amount of moisturization.Me in total love with this product.
Note: I bought the small packaging i.e. 75 ml because
1, the bigger one was quite pricey.
2. Me was not sure about the consistency, because I don’t want to waste that much money on a thick and greasy lotion.
1. For people with very dry skin this may not work in winters. You can try the blue one for extra moisturization.
Price: 109 but got for 93 INR at Wal-Mart.            
Will I repurchase it? Yes, definitely.