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Smokey green eye tutorial

Hello gorgeous gals
This time I am going to do an eye makeup tutorial for you all. Well I am more of a nail person but then I thought why not try something off track and I took a shot at this look. It came out pretty well, so I thought maybe I should share it with you guys.
So here it is
Since I do not possess a lot of makeup, I have created this look with my eyeliner pencils only instead of using eye shadows (bcoz I didn’t have eye shadows in the shades that I needed), just like some people use NYX jumbo pencils instead of eyeshadows.but if you want to get these shades in shadows, I think coastal scents palettes would have those as they have wide range of shades.

 1. Clean your face and moisturize it well.

2. Use a concealer to hide your imperfections and to even out the skin tone. I am using oriflame beauty absolute concealer for eyes. Blend in well.

3. Taking a lime green or parrot green color, fill in your lid area. Remember do not go higher up.(NYX has a lime green color)

4. Now take a peacock green color or a mehandi color and fill it in the outer two-third of your eye. Blend in well.

5. Now take forest green color and apply it over the outer corner area of eye.

6. Take a moss green eye shadow and apply over the outer corner of eye and into the crease. Blend in the eye shadow well with a fluffy brush.

7. Take a champagne or gold colored eye shadow to use as a highlight.

8. Line your eyes with black liquid eyeliner (you can wing out the eyeliner as well)

9. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara and you are ready to rock the party.

For a greater Smokey effect, you can also line the lower lash line; parrot green in the inner corner (inner one-third) and dark forest green for rest (outer one-third)of lower lash line
Good luck
Have a nice time

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