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Hi to all my HFBBians!!!
ya i am postin after a ver long times. actually i was busy wit my sister's wedding and i tell you that it went amazingly good. i got a lot of new dresses,makeup ,acessories and more things about whic i will tell you in my next finally i thought of postin on my yes i am oin to do a nail art tutorial.this is my favourite part.this is especiall for the small is actually a butterfly inspired let's not wasre time talking and quickly get started with are the steps to te tuturial.
1.clean and moisturise your hands well.

2.apply a coat of red nail paint(here i am using street wear bridal red colour).let it dry and apply the second coat.
3.take a white nail art pen and draw the central body of the butterfly as shown below.
4.then draw the little cautions while drawing.

5.complete the nail art b applying the top coat.
  and yes we are done with the tutorial.hope you liked this easy and fast nail art tutorial.hope you'll try and tell me about the same by commentin can also tell me if you have some particular requests regarding nail art i will do it for you .till then bye bye.......

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