Hi dolls!!!
How are you all doing.Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your days.Summer has ended and now the chilly winds have started to blow.from last few days i have been rearranging my wardrobe.I have replaced my summery dresses with some warm ones and a lot of more has to be done yet.Well coming back to what i have come here for is that today I am going to do a review.the product i am going to review today is NIVEA-whitening,cell repair and UV protect body lotion lotion.well in the pictures you can see a sample of the NIVEA product.It was actually send to me by the company a week back.So after using it for a week now,today I am doing a review of the product.I thought this will really help you if you are looking forward to buy this product.So yes the it goes........

NIVEA whitening cell repair lotion repairs darkened skin within with 40X vitamin protects the skin  from external damage with double UV filters.It well moisturizes the skin for 24 hours+ with non stop hydra IQ.

MY SAY ON THE PRODUCT:-As you already know i have always loved NIVEA products for their quality,fragrance,provide their costumers exactly what they claim and this what I found with this product too.starting with the fragrance part.As always it is fantastic.It smells heavenly.After the application of the lotion i felt like i have used a perfume on my body.even i got a compliment for the same from my sister and my friends.The consistency of the product packed inside is good,neither too thick nor very light.the product inside is white colored as the name says.Then comes the moisturization part.I used it after I having bath and i tell you my skin looked so much healthy,well nourished and moisturized.In the picture below you can see  my hand and the amount of moisturization the product skin really looked way too healthy and glowy.Ot does the right amount of moisturization,not making my skin too greasy nor dry.Also the the company says that it provides UV protection,well i cant comment on it right now because I have not used it for so long to say anything regarding this,that will be misleading for you.I am in so much love with it that I am going to buy a bottle of it and also then I can comment on its UV protection in the end i will say the company is here again with new promising product which each one of us must try.It lives up-to its claim about the product and it has proved that NIVEA is NIVEA.
The product didn't cause me any time of allergy or rashes.It was very mild,caring like, on my body.I am completely in love with this product.

1.awesome fragrance
2.very moisturising and nourishing
3.the skin glows and looks very healthy allergic reactions.
5.very mild on skin becomes very soft and smooth

CONS:-Actually i cant think of any right now.

Also i want to tell you that i am not being paid for reviewing this product.this is my own opinion on this body lotion.No one has told me to say dolls i hope you'll find this post helpful and do tell me so my commenting below.if there is some product that you wish me to review do tell me so i 'll certainly will help you for the do comment and i am waiting for questions......:)
till then bye!!!!!


  1. I completely agree !! It really makes the skin soft and supple. And I have a point to add. It does revive the damaged dull skin and brings out the natural fairness... Truly recommendable..

  2. i totally agree with u chitz,,,,this one is worth giving a try,,,and i am sure it will not let anyone down,,,thanx for the added information... :)

  3. i loved it :) its awsem complete 24 hrs protection

    1. yes renisha its awesome....and thanx for commenting:)

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