Bonjour(hello) guys!!!

How you all are doing.hope you are fine buddies.its really cold outside.It has been raining all day long and so i am stuck at home in my PJs in my quilt.what you all are doing right now while reading my post.Do tell me in the comment below.I really want know all my dolls well.Well(do you the use of two 'wellssss' simultaneously...hihihi...I think it is little bit weird...hmmm know i always go out of the track...this is may be really like to talk to you guys...ok the..) today I am going to share you with you my shopping experience yeahhh definitely the online one with you.I had been thinking that it will be really cool to share this with you to which Indian sites to prefer for online shopping and which not to...her is the list of sites plus their positives and negatives....

This is my no.1 favourite site.i have ordered dozens of things from this online store.Recently i have ordered few dresses,a ring,shoes,a clutch and there is much more to go.....I received my parcel after 4-5 working days after placing order day.The parcel i got was nicely wrapped in myntra bag.the things I got were exactly the same as were shown on their site.all my items reached me safely without a scratch.The site has both the option for online payment and cash on delivery (COD).the shipping is free of cost.So I'll give it 4 stars.i am deducting 1 star because the delivery can be made even faster than this.
I have got a pair of red ballet flats from this site.the reason I am keeping this site on no. 2 is only and only because of its delivery time.I received parcel just 2 days after placing the order.Also the shoes were handed safely to me and were exactly the same in color and size as ordered.the site also has both modes of payment.
My first ever online purchase have been from this very site.I had ordered freeman's face-masks,a vega hairbrush and face mask brush and few more things which I am not remembered of right now.the site has expanded a lot now from the time then.It is a good site offering you nearly everything like hair,beauty,face,body products, jewellery,apparels,shoes,fragrances etc.When i made my purchase from it,it then had only the beauty products under various brands.the apparels etc. are added later.Well now I check it out for almost everything.Honestly speaking I have never bought clothes,shoes from this site because I think they don't offer a good discount(this is what everyone of us want) on these when I am out of stock of beauty products then definitely I prefer it.The time is regular that is 4-6 working days.
Coming to site is really great.the delivery time is again the regular one. I have got playboy and reebok fragrances from here for my bro.the packaging was nice with good amount of bubble wrapping.The best part is the discount this site offers to you.that is really great.the range of things you ll find here includes haircare,skincare,face care, beauty products.......
This is also a good also has a regular delivery time.I have got an ED HARDY bag and face mask from this particular size.i am happy with the contents of the parcel I got.the bag is just awesome( after all its ED HARDY)....the reason i am putting this site at no.4 is that i am right now not sure because I have yet not ordered a lot of stuff from this site.Later may be I may put it at no.2 after myntra because of the discount coupons they offer you once you subscribe.
You may all be very surprised( or not....)to see this site at the last place in my ranking chart.No doubt the sales the site presents you are awesome and sometimes there is no match bbbuuuutttt.....I am kinda not liking this site.first of all they charge you for shipping to you for orders less than rs.1000(online payment mode) and on COD orders.Then the delivery time is toooooooooooo long( can you count the number of o's...hihihi) it can take 15 days and even longer than that. I ordered a jumpsuit,a dress,long boots,bracelet,a pair of shoes..etc. and let me tell you what a wait I had done for that. all my craze of wearing my black dress just died as day passes. moreover,the bracelet I got was broken,the boots were a bit loose,the jumpsuit really tight (there is really something wrong with their size charts and what....????).Then you get your things not all at one time but parts by parts....parcel by parcel.And then the return policy.....though I have not returned anything but when I was thinking of the same one of friend said that they have a very bad return policy.they take a long time to collect back the parcel and then again a lot of time to get the right item back to you.I really didn't wanted to enter in this mess so I thought of gifting the jumpsuit to one of my cousins and then adjusted with rest of things.You know it really feels very bad when you spend so much money and items you get are not worth it.
Well that's all for today.Hope this post will really help you with your online shopping.Do give me your feedback in the comments below.
DISCLAIMER: This post is not a sponsored one.The above post is based on my personal experience.