Hi everyone….
How are you all? I am here with you guys after nearly one and a half month I think. The reason for my absence have been my exams. Every time I am off the blogger it’s because of this only. Well not wasting much of time let me tell you about the product I am going to review today. Its David Jones ultra-shine lip gloss in peppermint variant.

Let me start with the packaging first. This lip gloss comes in a transparent tube with a black colored screw top. This particular variant is completely transparent too as you can see here in the pictures. The packaging is standard normal kind.

The fragrance of the product inside is purely that of a peppermint. Ya guys it’s not a bit different. So if you are a peppermint lover than definitely this is meant for you.
The product swiftly glides on lips. It is not too thick nor too flowy. It has an intermediate consistency. The gloss is super glossy and as the name says it gives your lips the ultra-shine.

The think I hated about the gloss is that it’s sticky. When I tried to remove it didn’t come off easily. I had to rub the cotton ball 2-3 times to completely get rid off it. Plus personally I don’t like peppermint so I didn’t like the fragrance also.  I only use it when I want completely sheer lips with a glossy effect. So overall it’s a normal kind of product.

1.      Swiftly glides on your lips
2.      Give your lips ultra-shine
3.      Easy to carry

1.      I didn’t like the fragrance( this opinion may vary from person to person)
2.      It feels sticky
3.      Not an appealing packaging
4.      Standard product,,,,nothing unique
Hope you’ll find the review useful. Do let me know if you guys have recently purchased any glosses and what is your experience with it.

WILL I RECOMMEND IT? No…..not this variant. May be I’ll try others from the brand.