PLAYBOY- Play it lovely Deodorant

Hello beautiful girls!!!!
How are you all? How is life going? I had been sick for past few days and it became little difficult for me to maintain a balance between my college and my blog but when I come here on my space I feel really relaxed and refreshed after reading all your lovely comments on my posts. This is my passion and I can never stop this. Well I think I have talked much and now come to what I am here for. Today I am going to do a review on playboy deodorant in play it lovely variant. I have heard a lot about this. So I really wanted to try this out. So check this out with me here....

My experience with the product: First I will talk about the first look of this product. This deodorant comes in a peachish pink bottle which has a characteristic playboy bunny in black on it. The top nozzle is black in color with transparent cap which is good and tight.

The fragrance is very light kind. So it’s not for the strong fragrance lovers. The fragrance is refreshing and little bit of perfumery too. Initially 1 to 2 weeks I liked it. But now I don’t like that much. I started feeling that it’s a kind of ordinary. This may be due to that now I have become used to it. I don’t know what exactly the reason is.  Well the best part is that the fragrance becomes quite strong and nice when you sweat (while exercising in gym). So mostly I use it while exercising or when I go for walk. The fragrance lasts for 4 to 5 hours. It’s only a perfumery deo and don’t assures any kind of anti-perspiration or something like that. Overall I will say that its ok product, can be given a try. But it’s a not a product that got me addicted.

1. Cute packaging.
2. Price is ok. Consumer price friendly I would say.
3. Easily fits in to the bag.
4. Exercise friendly (hihihi)

1. Ok kind of fragrance.
2. Not for strong fragrance lovers. This I don’t is technically a miss.
3. Staying power is not so good.

Should you get this product: you can give it one try girls.

Will I repurchase it: it’s a good fragrance but I think I will try out other variants from Playboy.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Hope you liked the review. Do tell me in the comments below. Looking forward to reading and replying them.