Hey girls,as you all may be knowing ,i was a quite bit of busy lately due to my exams and some stuff at home,so my sister was kind enough to do this post for me,,its by her,she has very fine skin,fair complexion,but recently she has been glowing more and more with each passing day,due to her current skincare routine,so i told her to do her morning skincare routine post for us guys and she was benevolent enough to even pen it down herself,,because i was busy with my stuff.

So whatever you read next,comes from her:

Hello everybody,i am going to do a quick post about the products that have helped me to get radiant brighter skin which is so fabulous.I have been using these products from last one and a half month,,and completely loving the skin i am in. :)

So first a quick note on my skin type(to help you know whether these products will work for you or not):
I have normal to combination skin,,which tends to get a bit oily in summers,but i never have attacks of super dry skin(which my sister often has).My skin is very sensitive,and somehow i am even allergic to The Body Shop shower gels as well,which are supposed to be 100% naturals.So my point is ,i have very sensitive skin,which gets rashes and eruptions very easily.So i have to choose carefully the products that go on my skin,and now i am glad to have found these babies.

Lets come to the products:

I basically use two face washes to wash my face in morning,,i use Oriflame one on regular days,,and the clean and clear one on days when i have occasional zits(my skin is not acne prone)which helps me with my pimples.The main reason for my glowing skin is Oriflame optimals face wash,,it is a mild cleanser,,which didn't dry out my skin even in cold harsh winters of northern India ,it smells amazing,it instantly brightens your skin,leaving it baby soft smooth.its the best face wash i have ever used(and trust me,,i have used many).

its nothing much fancy,just regular clean and clear blackhead removing daily scrub,,,i use it on alternate days..its mild,does gentle exfoliation,smells nice and fresh like green apples,i like that smell and it makes my nose look so polished. :)

i use oriflame Pure Skin blackhead toner,because i tend to get so many blackheads on and around my nose area..and this stuff is should definitely check their Pure Skin range, Kriti has been using products from this range,because she has acne prone skin,,and this stuff is good.I think she will be reviewing it soon here.

i use the oriflame optimals day lotion on days i am supposed to go out,,b'coz it as SPF in it,and it gives matte finish,which it great,,because it doesn't make me look shiny like other winter lotions and creams.and on days that i stay at home,,i use the oriflame pure nature day cream .

I sweared by my baby lips,,but i lost it somewhere,,so i borrowed one of my sisters M&S lip butter in raspberry,which is really good,and also its tinted and the shade is so pretty.i have not for once experienced chapped lips this winter.

I don't use it regularly,,but on certain random days,,when my eyes feel puffy.I use aroma magic under eye gel,,it does just fine,,gives a cooling sensation which i like.
I would seriously recommend you guys to check out skin products from oriflame..their skin products are really amazing.

Also a quick tip,,before investing in expensive makeup to look good,,you should instead get better skincare products,because when your skin is healthy and glows from inside,,their is nothing much more beautiful than that.

I hope you guys liked my tell in comments below. it will mean a lot.