Hello ladies!!!
How is everyone doing? Hope you all are great and are having fun this spring season. Well today i am going to be reviewing L'oreal Paris volume million lashes mascara. A good mascara is an essential in my makeup kit and i think that is true for everyone of us reading this article right now. So i have been using this mascara for more than a month now , so i am going to share my views on this product with you guys,,,,,so lets get started with the review....

Talking about the packaging first.The million lashes mascara comes in a black bottom and gold cap packaging. The gold cap adds sophistication and class to the product and brightens up its entire look. So when this baby was lying in the store i was first attracted to it by the rich golden cap it had.

The wand:
Ok then coming to the wand. i found the wand just great.Its very big indeed and covers your eyelash just in one go. The bristles are very soft and not harsh at all. The gold cap is quite thick which makes its handling and the application very easy.

The Formula:
The product inside has just right amount of consistency and the amount of product you get when you the wand out for application is quite nicely balanced, its not more nor less or in just one word i would say perfect. The mascara gets very evenly applied on the eyelashes. The lashes stay separated and are not clumped or stick together.They definitely look more longer,,more brighter.

It also has an excess wiper mechanism inside the container,,which wipes off the excess product on the brush,and every time you pull the wand out,you get the appropriate amount for application;which is just great.

The product doesn't has a bad smell or anything like that. it has a millions lashes effect,,,,your lashes do look more dense and longer after the application.

Its a nice product and worth giving a try and i am sure that you will love it.
1.Fancy packaging
2.Really nice wand design.
3.Great formula
4.Lashes look denser,longer,,evenly separated,,not clumped together.
5.Gives you a false lashes effect.
6. Doesn't irritate your eyes.
7.Beautiful dark color,color is very intense.

1.Its price can be an issue,its comparatively much expensive than other brands in indian markets.



Hope you liked the review and found it useful. Which mascara are you girls using right now and what are your verdicts about the same. Do tell me in the comments below. So until next time bye bye....