How have all of  you been,,,oh god i missed blogging so much!!!finally my exams are over,,,pheewww,,,,what a relief!!!i feel like a free bird now,,and all i want to do now is to blog!my exams finished just today,,and here i am i the evening writing this post,,and i have noticed that i haven't done much of review posts lately,which is really bad on my part,,so i am going to do a review post today,,which is going to be about the parachute summer refresh body lotion spray.

Being honest,,i just bought it cos it was just a fancy lotion of its kind in the Indian market,so i had to get this..even if i didn't need any more lotion cos i have bunch of them already sitting on my dresser,,and my mom gave me a stern look when i threw it in our shopping cart in the supermarket,,but i gave her my big grin,puupy eyes,and said momma i need it,and she just shook her head knowing that i wasn't going to listen to her.i mean one needs to have it,,especially when you live in india where you don't get much fancy lotion options,,i hope Indian readers would understand and relate to me.

So without much chitter chatter,we should head straight to the review.
Of course i like it,,that's the reason i got it,,its a spray bottle..the spray system is quite nice one,,bottle is that's nice as it will fit into your handbag was thoughtfully designed to fit in handbags,,so thumbs up to the packaging design comes with a clear cap..which fits quite nicely and tight,,so no worries about loosing the cap.

If you open the bottle up,,you see a light green colored liquid,,its not a thick lotion,,its watery.but i guess that's the idea of spray,,it has to be watery ,because we are not talking about a pump bottle,so we cant have a thick luscious lotion.when you spray it on,after 4-5 seconds you do feel a cooling sensation,so it clearly qualifies as a refreshing spray,well done guys at parachute.Inspite of being watery it moisturizes well enough,,the kind of moisturiation you need in summer,,just apt,,not the one that makes you greasy,sticky and sweaty!!!

You can definitely smell menthol and coconut milk in here..if you are someone who doesn't like the smell of coconuts,,then this might not appeal you as much as it did to me.otherwise there are no issues with the definitely smells fresh.and the fragrance stays on for long,,it doesn't fade away instantly!!

FINAL VERDICT:Go out and buy it,,you wont be disappointed,,especially when you have nothing else like it to try.

PRICE:120 RUPEES but introductory price is 99 rupees.

1.Has great for summers.
2.moisturises well a cooling sensation
4.nice packaging
5.great price glossy finish to my skin
7.spray works great


I hope you all liked the review,,especially you POOJA from
I tried my best to give a great review.
See you all soon,,till then HAPPY SUMMERS EVERYBODY