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FLORAL PAINTINGS - Daisies & Tulips

Whatsuppp everybody...
How are you all. Well You all know how much I love this art and craft site called itsybitsy. There is so much crafty material that you can chose from. Be it painting, card making, stamping, wood carving, gift wrapping , pottery and the list goes on and on...In short anything your hearts wants to do and you are searching for the right material for that, then this is the store you need to stop by. So recently I tried my hands into doing some painting. So I got some poster colors, painting brushes, sketching book from itsybitsy and just started doing that. So here is the quick post about the same. I just wished to show you all guys what all I made. So here its is...

Camlin poster colors, Itsybitsy painting brushes, Sketch book, a pencil , rubber and sharpener for drawing my sketch

Well here is the first sketch that I made. I made some daisy flowers and tried to do justice with them....

and here are some tulips.....

Hope you liked my both of these painting. Do let me know in the comments below. Your appreciation really means a lot to me guys....Looking forward to here from you all....Your comments make my day.
Have a nice day.

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