ORIFLAME's "THE ONE" - Eyeliner Stylo Review

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Here I am with another review for you guys. So the product I am going to review are ORIFLAME'S "The One" eyeliner Stylo. Eyeliners are something that really makes your eyes look bigger. I don't put a lot of make up on my face all the time but I always do my  eye makeup while going out and using an eye liner is a must. You can say that this is one of my essentials while stepping out of the house. I have, by now, invested a lot in them. So without wasting anytime let us get started with the review.


Eyeliner Stylo
The Eyeliner is available in two colors that are black and blue. Talking about the appearance and handling first. It has a purple mauvish packaging. Each of the liner has a color indicator at the bottom, that makes the color identification easy. You need not open and test  it to see the color. 

The pen like structure makes it very comfortable and easy to use. I always had a problem while using those bottle eyeliners with the brush. First it is not so easy to apply the liner....you had to concentrate a lot while using it and then since they are liquid liners they take time to get dry, and if you are in hurry and you apply those bottle ones at the last moment then god saves us all....hahah.....you get all the liner here and there If you open your eyes before it completely dries. So ya that's a quiet of a story.

With Oriflame's "The one" eyeliner stylo the problem is definitely solved. The liner dries very quickly. You don't have to wait for long. The pen tip allows you to use it any way. Create a cat eye or a winged look that's completely your choice and the eyeliner makes the task so quick and easy.

The tip of the product is basically a felt tip. Very finely made. It's soft on the eyes. Doesn't irritates or isn't harsh on the eye. You get a smooth line in just one go. Whether you prefer a thin line or thick line.... it just works great. However the eyeliner is not waterproof as most of us would prefer it to be.

1. Nice handling properties
2. Easy to use
3. Dries quickly
4. Felt tip, soft on eyes
5. Nice pigmented colors

1. The packaging is OK
2. The eyeliner isn't waterproof

RATINGS: 4.2/5

Here is the look...

WOULD I RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND: If waterproofing isn't the problem girls, then yes the product is worth your money.

Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Let me know in the comments below. See you guys in my next post.
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