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All those who have been a part of Hair, Fashion and Beauty blog must by have known my love for Victoria's Secret. Every time I get something from them or if I am gifted any of its item I get excited and start jumping just like a 2 year old child on receiving a new toy. So today in my article I am going to show you guys my Victoria's Secret purchases. 
I basically got Five product from VS form their fantasies collection. So here is what I got....

 I got ENDLESS LOVE shower gel and body lotion. Earlier I used to buy their mists.....i have reviewed them on the blog also but this time I thought of buying shower gels and body creams and lotions instead. Actually I have lot of fragrances but I could not stop myself from getting VS stuff, So instead of mists and EDTs this time i got bath and body stuff.

Then I got PASSION STRUCK shower gel and I must tell you i am in complete love with this fragrance. This is so nice guys.... I must tell you. Well I will be telling you more about it in my review posts.

I also AMBER ROMANCE body lotion and I am in love with this lotion. This is my currently favorite body lotion.

and last and not least....heheh.....I got this VS body scrub and its in fragrance Pure seduction. I just love using body scrubs because it really makes your skin smooth and yes this is what I got this time from Victoria's secret.

I hope you liked the haul. Do let me know who all are VS fans, just like me. I really wish to know... that will make us groupiieesss.
See you next time.


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