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How is everyone??? How did your day go??? As for Today was my exam....yeah guys my final exams have started..... and this is really freaking me out. Whenever my exam days come I get little stressed out because these days I have to balance out lot of things. There is lot of work to do. But despite of that I like to work under pressure. It makes you stronger and stronger. One learns to manage things in life and taking it in a positive manner...this is how I am dealing it with it right now. 

I have always loved talking about makeup and beauty and I think this is my stress buster. So that's why I am going to be talking about a new product from Oriflame. It the satin touch  THE ONE Illuskin powder that I will be reviewed here today on my blog. So I think there has been lot of talking about the exams and let's get started with something interesting now.

THE ONE Illuskin powder comes in three different shades and the company have kept the shade names very simple indeed....

So these are:


The Illuskin powder comes in a purple colored flip open case. It has a mirror and an applicator inside. There is also a plastic sheet placed on the product so that the product doesn't always remains in contact with the applicator. This helps in keeping the cotton padded applicator clean and free of excessive product. It is a one sided applicator, the other side is purple in color with THE ONE embossed on it. Everything just goes with the theme. This compact powder has a decent packaging...I would say.

Talking about the applicator first. The applicator is very soft and allows easy application of the product on the face and neck. It is not at all harsh. I think it's made up of super fine cotton. It picks up just the right amount of product when swapped over the product softly. The powder once applied doesn't dries your skin. The face doesn't looks chalky or flaky at .

 It fills in the imperfections or what you will say makes the skin surface look more even. It gives your a matte look.You don't feel like you have applied something very heavy on the skin.It feels light and natural. The powder has also a very light fragrance that's OK....like most of the compact powder do. Well as for me it's a good product and if you are running out of your compact powder and wanna a try something new and different then this one is in the market girls. You can give it a try. This powder is very similar to others that are available however what makes it different is that it feels and looks very natural on the face.

WILL I RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND? Yes.... It's a good product and deserves a try guys...

PRICE: 649 INR but this product is on introductory discount 25% and is there available at a price of 489 INR

Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. See you guys in my next post.
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