ORIFLAME's : Mocha Intensity, Always Cranberry, Forever Plum & Violet Extreme - Review & Swatches

Hello to all beautiful ladies out here
Welcome back all. Today I am going to review Four new shades of the Oriflame's THE ONE color unlimited lipstick today. I have already reviewed two of the shades from the collection so today its time for these ones. The shades that I am gonna review are Forever Plum, Mocha Intensity, Violet Extreme and Always Cranberry.

PACKAGING: These lipsticks as I have already told you guys come in purple black cardboard cover. These are sleek black stick lipsticks that are very easy to carry anywhere even in a small purse.

Light weight texture, enriched with the blend of oils and butter for long lasting lasting comfort and moisture. Stays for 10 hrs long.

Let your lips go the distance. There is always one way to draw their attention from the distance....draw the attention to your lips with the solid performer with gorgeous colors that lasts as long as you can.

Lip grip technology : fastens lipstick to lips with anti smudge ingredients so color stays put....comfortably.


Well I am loving these lipsticks from Oriflame. They are wonderful. So soft and smooth on the lips to apply. The colors are so pigmented and rich. The product just melts on your lips. You need not rub it , the touch of the product is just enough on your lips so as to leave the right amount of product on the lips.

1. Mocha Intensity : Its basically a light brown color with golden glitter in it. Since I don't use browns as in lipsticks so this one I am gonna give it to my mommy that is a big brown color fan. She likes to use different shades of brown though I always keep on telling her to experiment with her lip colors. She liked this shade very much. This particular shade of brown has been my mommy's currently fav. This shade goes very well the Indian skin tones plus very apt for the ones who usually use brown lipsticks as its a very nice shade of brown.
2. Always Cranberry : Cranberries.....red.....but I don't see lot of red in it. This one is a shade of pink rather than being  of a red. So this is what disappionted me . However the color is pretty and looks nice.

3. Forever Plum: Ok Forever Plum when I read the name I thought that lipstick inside will be a purple or mauvish. Since Plum i think is a shade of purple. Well that's not what I found inside. This color is aaaa.....what you will say lies inbetween the pink and purple shade on the shade card i guess....giving a pink look  overall and not purple. The shade is good and very apt for Indian tones. Not gonna make you look like a zombie as some do....hihii....the ones not meant for the Indian skin tones. 
4. Violet Extreme: What I felt about this shade is that its one or may be two shades lighter thank Fuschia Excess  that I have reviewed before. So its a nice shade if you want something little lighter than as electric pink as the Fuschia Excess. The thing I didn't like about this shade is that the name is violet extreme and i was expecting it to be violet actually or something closer to the shade of purple but that's not the case since this one is also a shade of pink. 

1. Rich colors
2. Very pigmented
3. Soft and smooth
4. Nice packaging
5. Easy to carry
6. Moisturizing
7. Stays for a long time

1. The lipsticks are too soft, so vulnerable to breakage, the product gets dents and kinks very easily, you can see in the images also.

2. Secondly what I found that all these colors are principally different shades of pink. There is not much variations in these newly launched lipsticks. I missed the purples though the lip colors have their names, giving an idea of being purple, but that's not the case here except for the endless red and Mocha intensity that are red and brown respectively.

However the different colors that I have talked about here are pretty shades of pink and will be liked by all of us ineed , very pigmented and rich, very apt for the Indian tones. So if you are running short of pink shades in your lipcolors then you can definitely try these out.

RATINGS (in terms of pigmentation, softness,richness etc.) : 5/5

RATINGS (in terms of shades and their respective names) : 3.5/5

Hope you liked the review and find it useful. Do tell me in the comments below. Would love to hear from you guys....